Saturday, July 28, 2007

0 The Incredible Shrinking Appetite


Further evidence of exercise curbing one's appetite: I had "big eyes" at dinner & ordered a whole tuna cosmo (i.e., grinder) but could only eat half of it. (So I had it wrapped up in a doggie bag to take home. Looks like it'll be tomorrow's lunch.)

And I didn't even exercise today. But it looks like all of the exercise I did in the week is obviously having an effect. Yipee!

It appears that my stomach is shrinking.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I got several compliments today on "how good I looked." The compliments feel great. It's interesting to note that my weight loss is becoming more noticeable to others. Although I'm not tremendously overweight to begin with & have been thin for most of my life, it still feels really good for people to take notice & make positive comments on the changes.

So far, I've walked with two different friends, and am slated to walk with yet another friend next week. It's been really great on two levels: It gives us the chance to catch up & the scenic park serves as inspiration for fitness & also helps the after-work decompression process.

By my efforts, I hope that I can inspire some of my friends to work out more regularly & to find joy in the process of physically remaking themselves into a "tower of power"!

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