Saturday, July 21, 2007

0 My Fitness/Nutrition Goals


OK, I had a few things to get off my chest in that last post, but I will do my best not to rant about the past, & stay focused on the present. Speaking of which, I'd like to outline my fitness & nutrition goals here:

(1) Lose 25 pounds in the next 4-6 months (by Valentine's Day at the latest).
(2) Complete the CT5K program in 9 weeks/2 months (by September 21st).
(3) Follow the Abs Diet Plan for 6 weeks (concurrent with exercise plan).
(4) Lift free-weights once a week, beginning the week of July 22.

After completing these goals, here's my next tier of goals:
(1) In October, start on new training plan (5K-->marathon training).
(2) Run outside until November/December. Then move indoors for gym workouts -- Continue interval training alternating equipment: treadmill, stairmaster, bike. For weight-lifting regiment: Circuit train using nautilus equipment.
(3) In April, enter 5K races.
(4) By June, enter 10K races.
(5) By October, enter half-marathon races.

After reaching the first set of goals, I'll see where I am on the calendar. If necessary, I'll re-evaluate the timeline for the second tier of goals. I think this is a good start, with specific, measurable, realistic goals.

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