Thursday, July 26, 2007

0 Run 3, Week 1 (CT5K): Ready for Bigger Challenges!


Went for a run tonight around 8 pm or so, which was my last run of Week 1 of the CT5K training program. So yea! I'm done with the first week of running. I felt pretty good during & after the run, & honestly don't feel sore at all.

Again today, I got a big buzz from the running sections, and was rather disappointed when I had to slow down & walk again. Well, hopefully, I'll start to feel more tuckered out at the end of my workout, or atleast feel like my muscles are somewhat sore & getting more of a workout.

I know the program is supposed to gradually build challenges into the workout, but right now they feel very small & frankly, a bit too easy. Tonight, I again felt like I could've done so much more during my running intervals. Now I was actually running at a fairly good clip, so it wasn't like I was slacking off! I just wanted to keep running!

I've been told by others who've already done the plan to enjoy this part while I still can, because Week 5 will be 20 solid minutes of running & isn't going to feel easy anymore. Honestly, 20 minutes still doesn't sound too strenuous to me, but maybe that's because I'm comparing it to when I was actually in shape & running those 20 minutes! ;-) )

And now, for a few comments on Robert Ullrey's CT5K podcasts: I do like the overall concept of these podcasts but have to admit that it does get a bit repetitive/boring hearing the same music three times in one week. By Run #3, I'd definitely stopped paying active attention to a good deal of what he was saying, except for the parts where he said to change from walking to running. The rest of the time my mind was focused on my body alignment & strides, and occasionally on the lyrics of the podcast music.

Thankfully the music is mostly dance-oriented, which helped me power through the runs, even after Run #3. I'm more accustomed to changing up my music for every run, but it's still really nice to use a podcast for pre-timed workout intervals instead of having to keep track of it on a stopwatch, which is incredibly distracting. That makes the podcasts invaluable.

I guess Robert would've had to make 27 different podcasts in order to have different music for each workout session! I'm sure he could just tape his voice for the remaining two workouts of each week, but that'd be a lot of effort to make a new music mix for each & every workout! ;-)

Knowing that I'm going to need constant variety & challenges to keep my mind agile (yes, I'm such the Gemini!), I think I'll continue to focus on my form should my mind start to wander on Days #2 & 3.

Also, although it might seem obvious, I'm going to incorporate two important tasks into my written nutrition/fitness plan: Taking multi-vitamins & drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Lately, I've been really good about drinking enough water, but am really bad about remembering to take my vitamins. I find it helps to remember to do the basics when they're written down & in a visible location. It's funny; I don't have any trouble remembering the complex stuff, but it's always the simple stuff that I tend to overlook or forget to do.

A few final thoughts before I pack it in for the night: It'd be great to hear from fellow runners -- about your day-to-day running regimen, training experiences, goals for the season or year, etc. You're welcome to post comments on my blog & list your own websites/blogs there. If there's a topic you think is particularly germane, I encourage you to visit my wikizine on & add the article to this community. Your article will get a lot more traffic that way! ;-)

Happy trails & goodnight!

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