Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1 A Beautiful Walk in the Park


Had really good walk tonight. Went for a walk with a friend in a beautiful scenic park. We talked while we walked, & as was the case on previous occasions, lost track of time during our conversation (which is the sign of good company/conversation). Time just flew by. We didn't realize how far we'd gone until we hit a mile-marker indicating that we'd walked 2 miles. So we made that our half-way point & headed back. We probably did closer to 4.25 miles.

I really am enjoying walking with my friend. Not only is the walking a good compliment to the CT5K training program, but of course it's nice to have a friend with whom to talk & walk. Looks like we'll probably go walking again next week.

During our walk, we saw all sorts of wildlife in the woods -- deer stopping to take a drink in the stream, birds of all sorts, rabbits, & other small forest animals. For an "urban dweller" like myself, it felt really good to be surrounded by trees and nature.

For "city slickers", connecting with nature can be like reconnecting with a long, lost friend. And for some, reconnecting with nature can be like a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the system. It's odd how easily a person can become accustomed to the pollution, noise, & other nuisances/dangers of city life. When you live in the city, I think you're in more danger of your life becoming a blur, & feeling like you're going through the motions like an automaton. That's why it's all the more essential to be in nature when you live in the city. It's like you are waking yourself up again, so you don't fall into unconscious habits that dull or deaden the experiences of your life. And most corporate workplaces don't help in that regard either. They drone on like slumbering beasts in their inefficient & inane bureaucracy & suck the life (& uniqueness) out of individuals in exchange for a paycheck. Thank goodness for the small wonders of life -- holiday weekends, bike hikes, walks in the park, a Sunday afternoon snooze, etc. They recharge our batteries & make us feel human again! The Europeans have got the hang of enjoying life in small ways. A lot of Americans need to learn this lesson -- It's time we loosen up, regain a sense of life balance, & leave our unhealthy, workaholic ways in the dust! Once again, life balance & moderation are the keys to a sane existence!

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amirwin said...

Love the comments about nature. I completely agree with what you said. Fabulous and inspiring.

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