Saturday, July 21, 2007

1 Welcome Friends, Family, & Visitors!


Welcome Friends, Family, & Visitors:

Thank you for joining me on what I hope will be a well-paved path to total fitness & nutritional nirvana. ;-) OK, so maybe you're not quite yet on that path yourselves, but would like to be there at some point in the not-so-distant future. Or perhaps you're already well on that path. Well, wherever you may be on your own journey to fitness & overall health, I hope that together we can support & inspire each other to reach our goals. The reason I say "together" is that I hope you'll participate by commenting on what I've written -- perhaps sharing related experiences or offering your own advice.

One of the big reasons I've decided to blog about my experiences in this area is that I realize the importance of maintaining accountability for one's actions, as a means to accomplishing one's goals. Since "the path to hell is often paved with good intentions," what better way to be accountable for my actions than by keeping a public journal chronicling my efforts. Since the readership will most likely be looking for inspiration for reaching their own fitness & nutrition goals, I figure I'd better do everything in my power to be successful and achieve my publicly declared fitness goals! ;-) In other words, I'd be way too embarrassed NOT to keep up with my exercise & nutrition routine. ;-) Of course, I'm only joking here, as I think that positive reinforcement is a much better way to move forward towards your goals. There's nothing so uplifting as being able to look at the progress you've made, whether it be over days, months, or years. And that takes me to another big reason I'm blogging about this topic: Charting my day-to-day progress will be a great motivating force, as the steps I document will serve as reinforcement to continue & propel me (and hopefully others) towards such goals.

Now, obviously there will be "hills & valleys" on the road to progress, but I hope that this blog will provide myself & others with ample determination to persevere! So, please take a good look at my Nike kicks pictured above; these little babies are coming with me on my road to guts & glory. ;-)

Now, I'm headed off for some interval training.......

See ya,


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amirwin said...

Cor, Very inspiring... You've motivated me to get from couch to 5K. ;) Nothing like having a chic pair of shoes to start of the process right too. Might as well be chic and in shape too.
love, your lil sis, ab

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