Friday, July 27, 2007

0 Yesterday's Walk


Phew, I've become a super-exerciser this week! Three CT5K workouts & 2 walks! Yesterday I walked 4.25 miles again at the same location, but with a different friend this time. Again, it was a great feeling to walk & talk, & before we knew it, we'd done 4.25 miles. My friend & I hadn't seen each other in a while so there was lots to talk about.

Each workout/walk I do seems to get easier, which feels GREAT! (No, I'm not Tony the Tiger, thank you very much.) I can see my leg muscles becoming tighter, & am starting to feel a bit more peppy throughout my day. This is really incentive to keep going forward with my program!

As for my eating habits, I notice that my appetite has been curbed slightly by my workouts. For dinner (yesterday), I had 2 small bowls of home-made carrot soup (i.e., made with low-fat soy milk, not cream), a sheet of matzo, & a piece of cheese. I hadn't really eaten much throughout the day except for a half a (small) bag of carrots. Guess carrots were the theme of the day yesterday! ;-) I drank lots of water & whoops -- forgot to take my vitamins again. Got to get better about that.

As for reaching my other short-term goals, I have yet to do push-ups & free-weights but am resolved to get in a mini-workout today, or possibly this weekend.

Have a nice weekend!

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