Wednesday, August 8, 2007

1 Late Night Blogging & Other Casualties


Ugh, I was up until 6 am blogging last night/this morning (see Music Unbound: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Genres! for evidence of my nocturnal blogging habit.) I was just on a roll & couldn't stop. Woke up at 1 pm (that's 7 hours of sleep) & dragged my carcass back into my parents' computer room to blog some more. Do you think my blogging is becoming a problem?!!! Hahahaha.

So, to wake up & get me back on schedule I'm actually going to do two exercise sessions today. Yes, you heard me right. No, I'm not some insane exercise maniac who doesn't know her limits. The first workout will be a 5-mile walk this afternoon (pretty easy, even with hills), and the second will be my next CT5K run, but it won't be too late this time, because as you can see, it gets me way too wired to go to bed, along with my post-run blogging & decaf-tea drinking habits, which apparently aren't helping the situation either. ;-)

Time to get back on track!

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DeAnn said...

Hello Corey!

I actually was introduced to your blog through a comment that your sister made on my friend's blog. I LOVE this blogging world.

Anyway, based on your entries, I looked up the CT5K program & started it today. I am in no ways a runner, never have been, & I am woefully out of shape, but I WANT to run & this looks like a great program.

Thanks for the motivation!

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