Tuesday, August 7, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 3 (CT5K): Another Late Night Run + A Foiled Attempt to Use Bug Spray


I'm really tired, so I'll make this entry a short one. I seem to be making quite the habit of late night runs. This particular one kicked off at around 9:30 pm or so. Maybe it was later than this, who knows. I only remember checking my laptop's clock once (yes, I had to tear myself away from some intense blogging!) before I sped off to the park for my late-night run.

This week, the CT5K program is comprised of the usual 5-minute, brisk warm-up walk, two sets of repeating alternating intervals (2 instances of the following interval sets: 90 seconds running + 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running + 3 minutes walking), and a typical 5-minute cool-down walk.

Since I was not too interested in running around the park for the entirety of my workout, I decided to run downtown along Market Street. Most of the street was fairly well-lit, although the sidewalk was a tad bit uneven. I already knew this when I set out for my run, but an aversion to routine got the best of me, and I decided it was worth risking a few stumbles in temporary semi-darkness (at the point of fatigue) for some variety.

After I'd completed my CT5K workout, I still felt like I could do a little more, so I added 2 additional interval sets (2 laps of running, 2 laps of walking for each interval set) to my workout. I did lots of walking afterwards to stretch out my muscles and hopefully didn't accumulate too many additional bug-bites, which appear to be the war-badges of night-running.

I did, in fact, attempt to use bug spray this time, however feeble the attempt turned out to be: Yes, the can I brought along was (for all practical purposes!) empty. And I definitely am NOT counting the disgusting, dark sludge-like substance which spluttered forth from the can (& stained my bright white Thorlos!), after I'd squeezed the spray nozzle with all my might!

OK, go ahead & laugh. I don't really care how ludicrous it sounds, & am well aware that this situation could've easily been avoided if I'd only prepared in advance (i.e., tested the contents of the can before I ran out of the door), just like a good little girl scout. However, in my haste, I just grabbed the first can I could find, & didn't end up applying it until after I'd already arrived at the park.

Note to self: Test bug spray can & make sure you apply its contents before you hit the road for your nightly run! ;-)

Note to self & readership: Yes, I know the meaning of the word "short." And it definitely didn't apply to this blog entry. Oh well. Sometimes the unexpected happens & I get my second "blogging" wind. ;-)

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