Monday, August 27, 2007

2 Run 1, Week 6 (CT5K): A Much-Needed Run, Or "How Not to Let Your Trashed PC Get You Down!"


I started tonight's run around 10:30 pm. I had a somewhat distracted run, as I had a lot on my mind & it took me a while to focus on the present moment. I blame some of it on my computer, which perhaps should be the real subject of this post, as it took up a good deal of mental space during my run! Yes, my computer bit the dust.

(It's the third brand new hard drive that's died on me in a very short time period. The diagnostics showed CRC errors on the hard drive, but were inconclusive with regard to the underlying cause. The internal fans seemed to have been working OK, so I'm suspecting it was probably a faulty motherboard. Anyhow, instead of buying a new motherboard for an older PC, it just made more sense to just buy a brand new PC. So there, that'll show that old PC who they're messin' with! ;-) )

Anyhow, let's return to the subject of running: Tonight's run consisted of the following sequence: a 5-minute warmup walk, a 5-minute run, a 3-minute walk, an 8-minute run, a 3-minute walk, a 5 minute run, & a 5-minute cooldown walk.

The run went fairly well. After I ran the first 5-minute run, my muscles started to warm up & it became progressively easier to increase my pace during each subsequent running interval. Not much else to report, so I'm going to check in "early" tonight.

Have a good night!


Missladybug said...

hahahaha. I love that photo. Good for you for blasting out the negative energy from your computer meltdown and going out for a run. Love the blog.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi missladybug,
Thanks for your supportive comments! Hope you get the opportunity to take similar stress-busting walks & runs!

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