Thursday, August 9, 2007

0 Run 2, Week 3 (CT5K): A Run With My Sister


Tonight's workout went well. My sister joined me & we ran around the university track at around 7 pm or so. We are both using Robert Ullrey's CT5K podcasts & synched our iPods so that we both hit play at the same time, which worked well.

We were supposed to walk earlier in the day (i.e., the 5-mile walk I'd mentioned in my previous post), but waited too long & it started to get dark. So my lil' sis accompanied me for the CT5K workout instead of the walk we planned to take together. Perhaps on some subconscious level we both didn't want to take the 5-mile walk, because we sat in the computer room working on our laptops instead of heading out the door while it was still light.

I think I had a case of "big eyes" & was a tad bit too ambitious in my goals for today. It was a good thing I only did one workout, because I was pretty tired after today's CT5K workout.

Luckily, on most days, my energy levels are high & the workouts feel almost magically effortless, but today was tough for me, probably because of the crazy hours I'd kept last night & the resultant delayed sleep schedule.

My legs were initially a tad bit tight & I felt a slight soreness in my knees. The knees felt a bit inflamed, so I think I need to table my eagerness to "go for it" & take it down a notch. Maybe those extra few laps on Monday had taken a toll on the knees; who knows.

Also, I've got to be careful not to overdo it during my runs, either out of eagerness or a sudden burst of energy (i.e., "runner's high"). Part of this is to due to the fact that I'm slowly succumbing to the pressure of that non-negotiable, looming weight-loss deadline -- I've got to take off 25 lbs. by the end of January (i.e., 6 months), as I need to allow myself enough time to pick out a wedding dress & get it altered when I've reached my goal weight. There's no sense in trying on dresses before I reach my goal weight.

This is the first time I've come face to face with a personal goal that has a hard & fast endpoint that I can't wiggle out of or put off. Up until this point, my work life had usually been the place where I'd faced the most non-negotiable deadlines, not my personal life.

It feels good knowing that I've got the character & moxie to meet the challenge head on, & that I've decided to step up to the plate, instead of folding under the pressure or procrastinating. In fact, my response to the weight-loss challenge this time around was definitely different from previous efforts; I was almost eerily stoic & mechanical about moving towards my goals, which is very "unlike me." (While I'm very goal-oriented to begin with, most people who know me would hardly describe me as "stoic" under most circumstances.) Was I having an out-of-body experience? Had someone replaced me with one of the Stepford wives? Or was it just that I'd had enough & needed to have a hard & fast, non-negotiable deadline to get my rear off the couch & finally start exercising consistently? (Over the past year, previous exercise attempts had been spotty & inconsistent at best, & nonexistent at their worst.) So, this new resolve is really something to be proud of, especially in light of my recent past history.

But back to what I was saying about today's workout: I worked hard today & was fairly winded after the workout.

As usual, the factor that seems to hold me back from going faster is my lungs [aside from the very occasional tenderness in my right knee, which until recently, hadn't manifested itself since the episode at Canyon Ranch (click here to revisit that saga)].

During this week's workouts, my lungs are working overtime, but my leg muscles still feel great -- strong & powerful -- when I stride down the road. The intervals are gradually increasing in difficulty, so that probably accounts for some of the lung issues & initial tightnesses in my calf-muscles & quads.

The good news is that, while I haven't weighed myself lately, I can still see the progress. My leg muscles are tightening & I generally feel powerful & energetic (dare I say sometimes euphoric?!) while working out. This is really encouraging.

Areas that need improvement: Need to START doing sit-ups, leg strengthening exercises, & push-ups. Have been very remiss in this area.

Otherwise, I can pat myself on the back for my progress & steadfast commitment to the CT5K running program. I feel like, although anything could happen, I wouldn't allow it to rattle me or derail me; I'd still keep running 3 times a week, no matter what.

Whatever happens throughout the day, it's a great comfort to have those runs at the end of the day. Even if I'm tired & don't feel like it, I know I've got to go or I won't be able to respect myself in the morning -- It's my choice, and every time I chose to do the right thing, it reinforces my drive to reach my goals.

OK, I feel happy & inspired myself after writing this post. Hope you feel the same after reading it!

I'd like to wish you all good luck with your fitness goals -- Keep running!


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