Thursday, August 16, 2007

0 Run 2, Week 4 (CT5K): A Farewell (for Now) to Running in My Hometown


I first want to thank everyone who's commented on my blog. Thanks so much for your great commentary & feedback. I really enjoy & appreciate hearing from all of you! It's a great inspiration to hear your stories, and wonderful to know that there are so many people who, like me, are working to either get back in to shape &/or are training for races -- whether they be 5Ks or marathons!

I'm less inclined to write about the mechanics of my run earlier this evening, (which was more of the same of what I did for Run 1 of this week, although thankfully a bit less tiring), & more inclined to dwell on more philosophical matters surrounding my running experience of the past few weeks.

This post is going to be a tad bit wistful, as I'm leaving my parents' house early tomorrow morning after several weeks of helping them care for our infirm, elderly relative. I'm sad to leave for so many reasons, as I'll miss my family & am concerned about them -- they've taken on many new responsibilities caring for our ailing relative -- but I need to get back to my life back in the city, as that's where my livelihood is and also where my fiancé & cats are. I miss them terribly & am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

In terms of my running regimen, I have mixed feelings about returning to the city. Running in my hometown has spoiled me rotten, as I could just walk outside my door & start running. Also, the air is clean, there's hardly any traffic, & I feel safe running alone, even at night. I will also really miss those wonderful nostalgic feelings I get when I retrace the routes of runs I did when I lived at home (back in high school & earlier), especially my runs with family & friends. Lots of memories. I remember the hills I ran with high school buddies, when we trained for track, and the routes of former races. In my recent runs here, I passed by many places and people that stirred many thoughts and feelings inside. I thought about different moments in time, as well as people I know or used to know. My hometown running adventures of the past few weeks have been a very meditative experience, and even more so, under the current circumstances surrounding my family.

One of the reasons I love running so much is that it gives you a time for your mind to breathe, (not just your body!). It gives you that much needed space to reflect and find your internal compass. It helps keep you sane & balanced when the chaotic noise around you gets louder. It's a special space you can come back to time & time again. Something to look forward to every day or every other day. When everything else is spinning around you, you still have that inviolable hour of calm & silence to which you can return.

Well, it's rather late (2:15 am!) & I need to get up early for tomorrow's trip. I wish you all a good night (or rather, morning!) and will check in again this Friday.

Happy Trails!

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