Sunday, August 5, 2007

0 Run 3, Week 2 (CT5K): Bugbites & Blogging Goals


An unofficial goal of mine is to blog after every run, either immediately after or if I'm really busy, within a day or so of the run. Over the past few days, I haven't exactly been keeping to this schedule (today I'm two days behind), but the events in my family life as of late have been anything but typical. (Two family members are currently in the hospital.)

Of course, running is all the more important at these times. It helps maintain perspective and balance.

My last run of Week 2 was this past Friday (i.e., two days ago). Yes, it was another night run, but this time around I did the smart thing & drove to a well-lit park around 10:30 pm & ran, instead of walking & waiting to run until I reached street lights.

The workout went OK. I was dead tired, as I was in the hospital for several hours visiting relatives and then went home to prepare dinner, do laundry, & clean up the house. So by 10:30 pm, it would've been really easy to choose sleep over a run! However, since my committment to fitness & the CT5K program is very strong, my choice to go for a run was a no-brainer.

The next day I noticed there were bug-bite clusters all around my ankles, (even though they were covered by socks!), but nowhere else. Really strange. Apparently they like to zip down there at night.... and take a bite! (OK, that was too cheesy of a rhyme to resist....)

Note to self: Wear bug spray during night runs!

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