Friday, August 24, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 5 (CT5K): Bionic Slow-Mo' Running


I went for another late night run tonight (at 1 am). This run was significant in that it was my very first lengthy non-stop run of the CT5K training program. The running portion was 20 minutes long.

This run was also significant because of the high humidity & heat! Earlier in the day it had been 92 plus degrees, & waiting until 1 am (although eliminating the heat of the sun) didn't seem to do much to improve overall running conditions, as the temperature only dropped to only 80-some degrees. Yes, it was 80-something degrees at 1 am, with what felt like 200% humidity! Unbelieveable!

The funny thing is that during my run, I couldn't tell if the beads of water on my forehead were from perspiration or condensation from the humidity!

Anyhow, I did my best under the circumstances & pounded out a very consistent, although somewhat slower-paced, run. Although my muscles had no problem warming up (one of the few advantages of high-heat conditions ;-) ) & I was sufficiently hydrated, I felt like I was the bionic woman going in slow-motion for most of the run. ("ETT-ETT-ETT-ETT-ETT-ETT-ETT-ETT!") Or like a knife cutting through frozen butter.

All through the run, I had the distinct feeling that my body just couldn't go any faster; I tried to pick up the pace, but for some reason, my feet felt like lead & my body was meeting with lots of resistance, or rather it just wouldn't heed what my brain was telling it to do! Needless to say, tonight's run was extremely hard.

Maybe it was partly psychological, as it was my first non-stop lengthy run. Although I knew I could complete the run, I wasn't sure if I could keep a decent enough pace through the whole thing. Frankly, I was dreading my run just a bit, but that was mostly due to the heat.

It also didn't help that I was already fairly tired by that point (from running around a lot during the day & also because it was so late in the day).

The nice thing about running so late at night is that it's very quiet & peaceful. There were a few couples sitting on benches near the trail -- at times it felt like lovers' lane! -- but other than that, it was very calm & still outside.

Also there were some ducks & geese nesting near the waterfront, which was strangely reassuring/relaxing to witness while running. This is a great contrast to my previous run, in which some of them took to waddling around the middle of the path, which made my run feel like an obstacle course! Tonight, however, they were very calm & still. Maybe they were feeling the effects of the heat too! ;-)

All in all, I felt like I did the best I could do under the circumstances. I still felt like I got some benefit out of the run, & am looking forward to the challenges in Week 6, as well as hopefully a lot less humidity!

Well, it's insanely late (or rather, early!), & I've got to get to sleep. Time to sign off.....

Good night & happy trails,

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Missladybug from said...

Wow...what an inspiration. Running at 1am! Good for you. Hilarious bit about the bionic woman. Great blast from the past.

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