Saturday, August 18, 2007

0 So Why Can't We See Corey Run?!!!


Sorry folks, but the above images are as close as you'll probably ever get to seeing pictures on my blog of me, Corey the Cyberpenguin, running. ;-)
I got a very literal request the other day about my blog from someone I know (who shall remain nameless!): "So if you call your blog 'See Corey Run,' where are the photos of you running?"

I'd like to address this question & the person who asked it in a very direct & simple manner. To this person I say, "I will post the pictures of me running on my blog when you post full-body photos of yourself on your own blog. Wait, that's right, you don't have a blog, because while you are certainly technically literate enough to create your own blog, you are too chicken to put your thoughts out there. So there, you hypocrite!"

OK, now I'm only half-joking, but my point is there is something kind of weird about posting too many pictures of yourself on your own blog. And it's not just from the point of view that it might be considered slightly vain; I think it's a good practice for limiting the "creepy" factor, because you just never quite know who's actually reading your blog. And, yes I'm addressing the normal people now. Creepy people, you know who you are, & can now stop scanning my blog looking for pictures of me in skimpy running shorts or a bikini. It'll be a cold day in hell when I post those pictures. Hahahahaha!

Unless you are some kind of attention-seeker with very low-esteem, my point is that why the hell would you want to post multiple full-body snapshots of just yourself on your blog for total strangers to gawk at or possible weirdos to think about in potentially unacceptable ways?!! Maybe I’m old-fashioned & way too private, but I still think that some things just aren’t meant for public consumption.

But seriously, for me, it's not a question of body self-image or worrying that the camera will add 10-lbs., or anything remotely like that. It's just that I'd rather publish my thoughts on health & fitness on my blog & have people focus on that, than have my blog turn into a cheesy, superficial photo-op, where people focus solely on shallow things that have nothing to do with the focus of my blog.

Frankly, I'm sick-to-death of other people being oh-so-concerned with a woman's weight or appearance, as if it's a woman's public responsibility to remain thin & gorgeous for other's visual "consumption." I say, be thin & gorgeous for yourself! ;-) Or be happy as you are, but just try to be as healthy as possible so you can live a good life.

I'm not denying the power of attractiveness or the importance of dressing properly to make a good first impression in our modern world, but sometimes it'd be nice to suspend discussion of the "obvious" & go beyond exteriors.

What I'm questioning here in this post is the motivation of people to see & be seen. I'm also questioning (men and) women's own motivation for why they want to get into shape, lose weight, etc. I'm not professing to be totally immune to the "appearance game," but I'm honestly motivated to lose weight for much deeper psychological reasons than just professing that I want a "tight tush" & a "flat stomach."

Of course I'd like to be the best "me" possible, from the inside out -- I want to be fit & healthy & feel great on many different levels. But it's more than that.

Without getting too personal, let's just say that dealing with a sick elderly relative really puts things in perspective quite clearly: I'm primarily motivated by the desire to live a long, healthy productive life, unencumbered by illness if possible, & of the highest quality possible. And of course, it'd be wonderful to share this life with equally healthy family & friends.

At best, my general goal is to bring my constructive energies to the fore to serve as a resource & (hopefully!) by example of my commitment to fitness & nutrition, be an inspiration to others. And in keeping with this goal, this blog is a way for me to share my health-specific knowledge with others, so that all of us who participate in the discussion become a larger community of support & reinforcement in the quest for better health & well-being.

If you need more evidence of the positive effects of exercise & its links to longevity, I'll give you a personal example: Until about eight weeks ago, my 94-year old grandfather was swimming at the Y every day. Yes, you heard me right, he was 94-years old & had been an athlete his entire life. He was a high school track star & later, became an avid golfer. His athleticism is a great inspiration to our entire family & many others.

On the other end of the scale, I see people around me that are way too young having health problems that could've easily been prevented from happening, if they'd only made their health a priority. If you could prevent a health problem by changing your diet & exercise routine, wouldn't you want to do it? How much is your life worth to you? Or heck, if you won't think of yourself, how much is your life & the effects of you being alive worth to your family? How bad does your health have to get before you get that wake-up call & decide to change your lifestyle? Wouldn't you choose good health & a long life? A good deal of the facts are in, and the verdict is out on what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. So the question remains: Are you going to choose health & long life for yourself? It's an imperative that's screams too loudly to be ignored. It's something so basic but yet so important, that almost all of us have the power to do something about.

To paraphrase an insightful Chinese proverb, "the best doctors don't need to treat their patients at all." In other words, preventative health-care is the best medicine of all.

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