Friday, August 31, 2007

0 Weigh-In: Yea! I lost 1.2 pounds!


Yea, yea, yea! I lost another 1.2 pounds today! (Hey, that actually rhymes. ;-) )

As I said earlier, I've only been hopping my the scale when I feel particularly victorious & good about myself. And last night's run was one of those experiences.

Basically, my new trend has been to weigh myself on the next day after my run; in order to maximize results & make them the most consistent, I weigh myself after I wake but only after emptying the tank.

Another 3.2 pounds & I will have reached another zero marker. Of course, I'm not telling any exact numbers, but now I have only 18.2 more pounds to go to reach my original goal weight. I've lost 6.8 pounds in about 6 weeks, or about 1.13 pounds per week. That's not bad at all, because atleast my weight is continually moving in the downward direction, which is the important consideration!

If everything goes according to planned & can just I keep this up, I project that I can lose another 3.5 pounds in the next 3 weeks. Or perhaps even more, especially since I'll be running for longer consecutive periods of time more often.

That'd mean that, if I continue along this path, it would take me about 2 months to lose 10 lbs, which is certainly well within the guidelines of what's typically recommended for steady, healthy weight loss for women (i.e., of no more than 2 pounds lost a week).

I know some people who'd probably say that this was too slow of a time-table for weight loss & that I could lose weight faster if "I only put more effort into it," but frankly, for one, those people aren't coming along with me on my runs & aren't seeing how much effort I actually AM putting into this process. And secondly is the more salient point, that I don't really get a rat's ass what those type of people think, because you KNOW that these people have probably lost & gained weight faster than a yo-yo. And just like a yo-yo, the smart people out there know that this type of thinking only takes you two steps forward & five steps backward.

I'm a big advocate for GRADUAL weight loss, done in a safe & effective manner. Also I realize that part of the reason I'm not losing 2 pounds or more a week is that I don't have that much to lose. I'm not trying to lose 50 pounds or more like some others out there, who will naturally shed the weight faster (atleast in the first few weeks), because they have more overall weight to lose.

So, you see, I've got a really healthy, and more importantly BALANCED outlook on the weight loss process.

I know it's not as flashy or as appealing as some fad diets out there promising instant weight loss, because it takes effort & hard work, but BELIEVE ME, I'd rather lose the weight by exercising than by going on some diet that forces you to eat nothing but grapefruit & eggs for 10 weeks straight, thank you very much indeed! ;-)

The larger point of this post is to remind people to celebrate the smaller victories of your progress (& not just the big milestones!), as they will rally you onward to achieve more & more of your goal. My best advice to those starting out on a fitness plan is to TAKE SMALL STEPS and focus on the present. This will help buffer you in the low times when you are feeling discouraged or generally uninspired. The point is to stay focused on your progress & the positive steps you are taking every day to acquire better health & fitness.

Look at it this way: Every little bit you do -- no matter how small -- helps, or rather can ONLY help. Even if you take a few steps backward, you need to stay focused on moving ahead, because the mental energy you expend fretting over backwards steps will only take you further backwards.

So, since in running, as in life, you can only go in two directions (because the stasis of standing still is actually going backwards in my book), why not choose to go forwards! It's the only choice, both mentally & spiritually. And so also should it be physically!

Happy running people & keep up the good work you are doing!


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