Saturday, August 11, 2007

0 Weigh-In: Yea! I Lost A Pound & A Quarter!


I don't exactly remember the last time I weighed myself (think it was at least a week ago), but since whenever that was, I've lost a pound & a quarter! And this was even after the big meal my sister & I cooked for 7 family members (4 of us + 3 out-of-town visiting relatives) last night. Truth be told, I didn't really eat that much last night -- mostly veggies, very small portions of chicken & potatoes, a non-alcoholic grape juice spritzer, a cup of masala tea (i.e., my own original recipe), & a very healthy dessert (my own version of peach "cobbler" made with only peaches/nectarines, cinnamon, nutmeg, oatmeal flakes & OJ with a little dab of non-dairy whipped topping.

If you'd like to try the cobbler recipe, check out my foodie blog, Cook. Eat. Drink. Blog. This site is dedicated entirely to the pleasures of cooking & eating whole foods, & has several original recipes which I plan to incorporate into a cookbook.

Anyhow, I'm really excited to be getting closer to my goals. As my goal is to lose 25 lbs. in 4-6 months, now there are 23.75 more pounds to go! ;-) Over the past month, it's been a hard won battle, as the pounds haven't exactly peeled off as quickly as I'd have liked. My weight has fluctuated up & down by 1-2 pounds in the last several weeks, but I'm not discouraged by this, as it's probably the exchange of muscle for fat. My physical appearance also confirms this, as I look leaner & more muscular. And of course, since muscle weighs more than fat, I'm not going to worry that much about it. It's most important to focus on the fitness progress I'm making, as the weight loss will naturally come as my fitness level advances. One thing can be guaranteed, if I work out regularly & eat moderate, measured portions of nutritious meals & snacks, I WILL lose the weight. Even if it takes longer than I'd like, the weight loss will come. How can it not when I'm hitting the road every day or every other day!

So I'm going to be patient and gentle with myself during this process, and recommend the same for anyone else trying to get into shape after a long hiatus from fitness.

Yea! Yea! Yea! I'm so happy about this! My current progress is even more inspiration to keep moving! It's one step at a time. In our day-to-day existence, it's the small victories that keep us moving forward in life!

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