Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8 And Now For the Awesome GUY Blogger Awards.....


Now I just couldn't leave out the guys..... There are many very worthy & deserving guy bloggers out there too, whom I think deserve some recognition.

And so, & in the spirit of gender equality, & to show my appreciation to those guys who've been, well, awesome (!), I've decided to dole out awards to my favorite guy bloggers!

And so...... Drum roll, please! (DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM!!!)

I would like to bestow the following awesome guys with the "Awesome Guy Blogger" award:

Chessnoid of Chessnoid Random Noid Musings

Cymrusteve of Run Bulldog Run & 2 other cool blogs

David B. Dale of Very Short Novels

Vincent Wright of Wright Hand Blogger & about a zillion other websites

RennyBA of RennyBA's Terella

RoarinRow of R Playground & other blogs.

Joolz888 of Just JOolian ~ Hippocampus Hi-jinx

Ryan0Rules of The Crazy News

ZMoney of ZBlog

Castaway of Run-a-bout! & other interesting blogs

Nathan of Nathan's Running Blog

Greg of Greg on the Run

Tom of Runners' Lounge

Bob of A Bob A Day

Francoyong of Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts

LarryB of Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From? A Guide to Marketing & Selling to a Connected Customer

Vishnuap of Arbitrary Servings from the Noodle Joint Upstairs

Gashcrumb of

Artknight of Spicypage Blog

SecludedHabitat of Sydney through a Local's Eyes

Fruity of Fruit Species


Feel free to show off your award on your site & link back to this post (like I did with my award & link back to BlackTennisPros, who gave me my award), showing proof positive of where you won your award & proudly displaying your "awesomeness" to the world (although you probably already know how awesome you are)!

I hope you'll enjoy displaying your award on your website! Please "pay it forward" & pass on the good vibes by honoring other fellow awesome guy bloggers out there! And while you're at it, you're welcome to bestow a few "Rockin' Girl Blogger" awards to some rockin' blogger gals as well! ;-)



cymrusteve said...

How cool is that??! Thanks so much Corey....

David Hodges said...

Very kind, Corey. Thank you. This is rare for a guy who only runs when chased to be in such good company with bloggers who run by choice! I'll post this on my "Cross-Posted" page. (That's the only way I participate in paying awards forward.) Love you, and your blog.

bob said...

it was an honor just being nominated.

seriously. cool.

muchos gracias!

bob on, my penguin friend.

Zmoney said...

Thanks man its appreciated :) This will be my 2nd award, makes me feel wanted :P I'll link back in my next post fasho. Peace man.

Franco said...

Hi Corey...what a pleasant pleasant surprise!! Thanks a million for the wonderful award. You're just so so sweet and nice. The award means a lot to me from someone so far and I've yet to meet. I really appreciate it for your encouragement. I wish you to know this.

Hugs :-)



Thanks again Corey, I appreciate it. I will make mention of it in my next post. :)

RennyBA said...

Woooow Corey - what an honor to get this Awesome Guy Blogger Award - and in three channels :D

I feel flatter and so happy about it. Please be patient until I find a good way to announce it!

bob said...

thank you, my lady.

hit you right back

bob on, my friend.

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