Saturday, September 1, 2007

1 Cast your vote! Promote your non-commercial fitness/nutrition blog here!


Hello readers,

This is just a reminder that you can still vote in the two fitness & running polls that appear at the top of my blog. Have fun!

Let me know what you think about the polls or any other aspect of my blog by commenting on my blog or sending me an email. (Please, no spam or advertisements. I do have a very good spam-blocker, so spammers don't even bother!)

If you are a runner, athlete, or nutrition/health expert, and have your own noncommercial blog, I'd also like to hear from you! If you comment on my blog & leave your name & blog URL, I'll reward you by listing/promoting your blog as a resource on my site (either as a sidebar feature or as a separate post).

Even if you don't personally author a particular blog or website that you think has a good exercise resource people should know about (again, this is NOT free-rein for advertisers to plug their products), please let me know about it as well, & I'll consider posting the resource.

Now how's THAT sound to you??!!!


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Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Thanks for the boxing comment. I replied and left a comment longer than the post. lol. Good luck with your marathon training.

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