Saturday, September 1, 2007

1 Check out "Run-A-bout"!


Hi All,

In keeping with my promotion pledge specified in the previous post, I would like to spotlight another running blog that I think is really cool. This person was nice enough to comment on my blog a few days ago, so I've decided to honor my recent promise & usher in his blog for some well-deserved promotion under a grandfather-clause. And of course, more importantly, I'm writing about his blog because I think it's well-written, very cool, & deserves some mention!

So check it out, people:

Run-A-Bout by Castaway

OK, it's absurdly early in the morning & so, it's time for me to sign off & go to sleep. Wishing you all a good night!

Happy Trails!

1 comment:

Castaway said...

Thanks... if i could make my avatar blush i would...


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