Monday, September 3, 2007

1 Corey the Roadrunner ("Meep, Meep!") Takes A Speedy But Pleasant 3-Mile Walk


Went for a great 3-mile walk around 10:30 pm tonight. The temperature was about seventy-something-or-other & there was a warm, gentle breeze. Nights like these make walking an absolute pleasure!

As for my walking speed, I was on fire tonight! I blazed past everybody else who was walking, and I do mean everyone! Young children, ladies, old men who thought they were walking pretty fast, & even fast-walking young men who obviously thought they were the fastest thing since Speedy Gonzales.

Of course, none of the women & children cared that I was walking by them (after all, they seemed to recognize that we weren't actually racing each other), but you should've seen the surprised (& possibly embarrassed or indignant!) looks on some of the men's faces when I lapped them. It clearly really bothered/burned them to see me walking past them so quickly.

Although I probably shouldn't publicly admit to this, I did get a small measure of satisfaction from lapping those obviously upset guys who couldn't handle the whole thing. Now, before you guys who are reading this get all upset yourselves, I'd like to state publicly for the record that I'm not a man-hater & have enough platonic male friends to prove it! ;-) Generally speaking, I think there are lots of men out there who are great! (Of course, I think that there are a lot of great women out there too! Of course, these statements are gross oversimplifications: I like to consider people's qualities on an individual basis, so obviously there's much more to the equation than just stating mere generalizations.)

But what I really do find funny is the fact that certain men, especially the older ones (i.e., usually around 30 & up), care SO much about a woman lapping them, even if it's something as silly as passing them while casual strolling. Call it pride or whatever else, but I've noticed that a lot of men really DO seem to be preoccupied with this sort of thing. Why does it have to matter so much? I just don't GET that mentality. My fiancé & I never have these sort of issues between us, nor do most of our male friends.

Perhaps it's a generational or cultural thing or a primal competitive male thing, but I find it silly & rather sad that these guys are so preoccupied with preserving their "superior" standing in context with a woman, & therefore in their own minds, their dignity, by "not letting a girl beat them."

To these guys, I just want to say "grow up, please!" And also this: Realize that men don't lose their manhood over a woman lapping them. They lose their manhood when they don't step up to the plate & take responsibility for themselves as adults. Manhood is not just about knowing how to mix a really fine Tequila & Coke or being able to hold your liquor. Or how many notches are in your belt. Puh-leese! These are such antiquated notions of what it means to be a man. Let's update your definition of manhood in your mind's own "dictionary" to a bit shall we? While I do think it's manly for men to be great (or even good) at sports (& also just as womanly for the ladies to be good at sports too!), it's not the only thing that makes a man a man. And I get that men feel the obligation to "provide & protect," but that's usually in context with their own lady & family. (Ladies also feel the same obligation, albeit it might be manifested in slightly different ways than men.) But enough about that.

Anyhow, back to what I was saying about some men feeling threatened by stupid things that don't really matter:

I guess the reason I get a kick out of these guys getting their shorts in a bunch over a woman lapping them is this: It's so sad that it's funny.

A truly mature man has the courage not to let something like this define their emotional state in the first place. Allowing yourself to have this rather juvenile emotion is nothing short of willingly giving up your own self-control. And why would you ever want to do that? Isn't THAT really what you want, guys - Mastery over your emotions & a feeling of being in control of your life?

So guys, don't get upset over stuff like this & I promise I won't secretly snicker at you as I'm lapping you during my walks, OK?! Do we have ourselves a deal?! :-)

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Shelia said...

I know, too stupid huh?! They don't get mad about our rate of orgasms to their one big explosion! They think they've done something then. HA!

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