Friday, September 7, 2007

0 CT5K Podcast


In keeping with my previous post, I guess I should mention the CT5K podcasts again, for the benefit of newbie runners who are just now tuning into my blog. (You're welcome to look through the archives of this blog to view previous references to these podcasts.)

So, for those of you with MP3 players, who are interested in starting the CT5K program, you'll want to check out Robert Ullrey's podcasts, which are located here.

These podcasts are timed workout intervals set to exercise-friendly music (i.e., electronic, dance beat-oriented music that makes you want to move!), which obviously follow the CT5K training program. The podcasts are truly fantastic & make it so much easier to enjoy your workouts, as you won't have to continually look down at your stopwatch to know when to switch between walking & running intervals. That way, you can let yourself settle into the experience -- with the music helping you along!

Enjoy! And let me know how your (CT5K) workouts are coming along.....


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