Wednesday, September 19, 2007

0 Weigh-In: Overcoming Setbacks & Heading In A Good Direction Again!


Today, I'm happy to report that, after yesterday evening's run, I was able to reverse some of the yesterday morning's recent weight gain (of 1.9 lbs.) by 0.6 lbs in the downward direction. Yea! I love running! :-)

Of course, I love running anyhow, for the mere sake of the activity, but today I love it even more for keeping my weight in check. ;-)

I think the weight gain may've been due to a rather late & rather lazy dinner/snack of air-popped popcorn with a small drizzle of butter, which occurred the previous two evenings ago. Or it could be a gain in muscle mass. Hahahaha, yeah right. Even though muscle weighs more than fat, I doubt muscle builds that quickly! ;-) More likely, it was a combination of water-weight & my prior late dinner of a few nights ago. Anyhow, I'm just glad the running had such an immediate positive effect!

That's another amazing thing I'm noticing, i.e., the quick fitness/weight-loss returns I'm getting from running. I can't believe how much difference a single run can make from one day to the next! Literally, right before my eyes, I can see my leg muscles & glutes hardening, my waist & arms shrinking, and the numbers on the scale dropping, even over a one or two day period.

It's such a rush that even the small setbacks (like yesterday's weight gain) can't get me down or hold me back from continuing on to the next moment & the next run, when I know I'll see even more improvements! Yea!

After all, an overall positive trend/progression of fitness & weight-loss is the most important achievement in the long run.

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