Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1 Thank You, Loyal Readers!


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on this blog (as well as on my other 5 blogs)! I really do appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment & share your thoughts with me, and will try as much as humanly possible to respond to as many comments as I possibly can.

I sometimes wonder if I should be writing so many blogs, as I barely have enough time as is. For some people, running three businesses (i.e., Wildfire Designs, Ferlanti Couture, Ladybug Tea Company) would be enough to send them running to the funny farm! ;-)

Although I'm usually pretty good about responding to people in general, I am only human, and there are going to be some days when I'm frankly a bit overwhelmed by the information overload & can't process it as quickly as I'd like. Since there are more of you than there are of me, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to respond to the influx of comments & emails. So please bear with me if I don't respond immediately; I'm not intentionally ignoring you, I'm just incredibly busy!

Please know that I really do value your comments & other input, & will do my best to keep up!


1 comment:

cymrusteve said...

hey corey!

i tagged you....hope you don't mind :)


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