Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 OMG, More Awards!!!!!



Now I know Barby of Meh is just way too modest & doesn't want me to make a big deal of the award she recently gave me, but nonetheless, I'm going to jump up & down & get just as excited as I did when I got my very first award.

So there. ;-) My apologies to Barby for being such a spazz (& for taking so long to post this!)......

But I think it's very cool that she thinks enough of me & my blogs to nominate me for an award. Her blog, "meh" is totally hilarious; you'll definitely want to check it out if you don't already know about it! My sister, Missladybug of Ladybug & Co, was the one who originally introduced me to Barby's blog, so I must thank her as well! ;-)

So, here's the award:

...and the link back to Barby's original post.

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Calabar Gal said...


Came over from Abimars page - the link from her Rocking girl blogger post. I'm on the CT5K running plan too. Good luck with ur running - I'm enjoying mine.

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