Wednesday, September 12, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 1 (CT5K) + Run 1, Week 8 (CT5K): Two Runs For the Price of One! 8-)


A picture of the lake in nicer weather.

Went for a run with my friend today around 6:30 pm. We ran our first run (Run 1, Week 1) of the CT5K program together. Had a good time running together & am looking forward to our next run!

Thankfully, the weather held up during our run, as it'd rained earlier, for a good bit of the day. At times, we weren't quite sure the weather was going to cooperate. It was rather dark & overcast (& very unlike the above picture!). All throughout our run, we kept our fingers crossed & hoped that Mother Nature had gotten the rain out of her system.

The weather forecast calls for rain again on Thursday, but maybe we'll luck out then too. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed, and bring a rain jacket just in case! ;-)

But back to tonight's running.....

Then, around 9 pm, I ran my second run of the evening, Run 1 of Week 8 (CT5K), which was my first 28 minute run. (Week 8 is 3 days of 28-minute runs.) It felt pretty good for most of the run; the additional 3 minutes weren't too difficult, although I think I definitely ran a bit slower during the last 5-10 minutes of the run, as compared with previous runs.

I'd originally planned on running Run 1 of Week 8 yesterday, but the weather wasn't cooperating (it was pouring outside!), & I didn't feel like running on the treadmill. It was also fairly chilly outside. In my experience, "cold & rainy" is usually a recipe for getting sick, & since I was still feeling the effects of the scratchy throat I'd gotten, I wasn't about to push my luck! I'd waited until about 11 pm for the weather to clear, but alas, it was still raining & was too late to run at that point anyhow. So hence, that explains the reason why I ran twice in one evening. ;-)

And now, I'd like to express a few thoughts on inclement weather & exercise:

While I feel fortunate to have access to a treadmill, as a way to stay in shape, I frankly find its use a tad bit demoralizing.

And no, it's not because I'm reminded of its second, most popular (if originally unintended) purpose in people's homes, as a clothes hanger! Hahahaha.

I think it's because I associate the treadmill with winter & being indoors, neither of which I like too much!

While I do enjoy winter sports, like skiing & ice skating, I have to say, that if given a choice, I'd rather be doing warmer weather sports, like running, hiking, cycling, rollerblading, waterskiing, volleyball, etc. Chances are, if it's a warmer weather sport -- you name it -- I probably enjoy it.

If it's a beautiful day & the sun is shining, you'll most likely find me outdoors!

I find that once I've gotten the feel of the road underneath me & breathe in that fresh outdoor air, I just find it really hard to go indoors! Plus, why go indoors when the weather is still suitable for outdoor running?

I'll even run in a warm summer rain before I step inside & use a treadmill, stationary bike, or stairstepper. (A nice warm summer rain actually feels pretty good, and enhances the different scents in the air. This can be really good if you pass by a honeysuckle bush, but not so good, if you pass by a wet dog. ;-) However, running in a warm summer rain is generally a good experience!)

And so, I will only resort to using indoor aerobic exercise equipment when there are no other options.

Speaking of which, I've decided that this year I'm going to do what I can to run outdoors for as long as humanly possible. I'm determined that only massive snowstorms, 20 degree below weather, & "ice, ice, baby," are going to deter me from my outdoor workouts.

This winter will be the time to suit up, get the ice cramps on, & bundle up like an Eskimo.

Yes, this winter, I'll be on a mission from hell! And hell better not freeze over! 8-)

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