Thursday, September 20, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 2 (CT5K) + Run 2, Week 9 (CT5K): A Nice Night For A Run


The weather was excellent tonight for both runs: First I ran Day 1, Week 2 (CT5K) with my friend at 6:30 pm, & then at 9 pm, I ran Day 2, Week 9 (CT5K). It felt like 70ish degree weather even up until the end of my second run. (This time, I ran both runs in the same place, which took far less time & made it a lot easier! So looks like we're going to make a habit of doing this from now on.)

My friend did a great job today with the CT5K program; although she felt a bit tired today, she kept up the 90 second runs without stopping & was a real trouper. She makes a lot of jokes about her running progress, but I think that deep down, she feels good about the fact that she's running. We were both very harried today, so it was especially good that we ran!

For my second run, I definitely went faster than my previous Week 9 run (i.e., Day 1). I could tell because I covered more ground than I did when I finished Day 1 in the same 30-minute period. Also, since I wasn't quite where I wanted to end my run, I ended up running for about 2 additional minutes to get to my "end point." It felt good. I hadn't eaten a whole heck of a lot throughout the day (an apple & 2 cheesesticks - I know, a very bad thing to do but I assure you it wasn't intentional), but again, somehow I managed to have a lot of energy during my runs.

Speaking of appetites & eating, my appetite has been really weird/screwy lately. Yesterday, we went to see Thomas Dolby in concert & had a sit-down meal during the show. (I had a few small things to eat a few hours before the concert, & didn't get really, intensely hungry until about an hour before the show.) I had a fairly healthy dinner -- a delicious blackened salmon wrap (w/romaine lettuce, tomato, & jalepeƱo vinaigrette) & a pineapple juice for dinner. About 20 minutes after dinner, I was still famished & kept eyeing the alcoholic beverages (especially the cocktails & the brewpub's very own raspberry hefe weisen - that sounded particularly yummy) & thinking about desert (a slice of homemade peanut butter pie with chocolate sauce was beginning to sound particularly good), but thankfully the concert began, & the waiter didn't come around until the very end to clear up the table! My hunger thankfully subsided but I definitely was having one of those "weak" moments.

Also, most days I'm not very hungry several hours before & after my runs. I only get hungry in the wee hours of the night, which of course, is the absolute worst time to eat. Let me clarify this by saying that lately I've been going to be at 3 am & getting up at 11 am, which doesn't exactly help much. I'm still trying to turn around my schedule, back to something remotely normal. That better happen soon, because this weekend, with all of the activities we've got planned, I'll need to be conscious sometime before noon!

Have a good night!

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