Saturday, September 29, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 1 (BOHR): Winning the Uphill Battle (Quite Literally!)


This morning, around 10 am or so, I ran the third & final 30 minute run of the week. Thankfully, it was much cooler outside. In fact, it was a bit nippy in the shade, so I mostly stuck to running in the sun. It's amazing how much warmer it felt in the sun!

Also, I'm happy to report that I found an alternate running route that was still quite challenging but thankfully wasn't as impossibly difficult/advanced as my previous run (for my current fitness level). My run this morning started off on a long downhill slope, and then slowly climbed towards a gradual incline. This hill was challenging but manageable. Then, before the hill got too steep, about half-way through my run, I was scheduled to turn around & head back, which was a great relief. 8-) I turned around at just the right moment, right before the hill went from a gradual, gentle slope to a huge, steep incline. Then the next part was, of course, a gradual downhill. This gave me enough recovery time, before I was to hit the next hill. Doing hills like this really feels like another version of interval training!

Of course, the most challenging part was yet to come, as the biggest hill of them all was facing me on the final stretch home. I approached the hill like I'd approached the rest of my run -- just focusing on the next immediate stretch -- in order to keep going forward with conviction & determination (& sufficient positive mental energy!). I dug in & took it a step at a time, slowing my pace to accommodate for the sharp incline. (In other words, I did what I could manage without being completely out of breath!)

The good thing is that, in general, when I run, I have a pretty good sense of my energy reserves & my pace. So while I like a good challenge, I know what I can handle at the time, considering all the factors. I'm not a wimp, but I don't overdo it either. I know myself, & what I can handle.

Anyhow, the run went much better today, & was much better suited to my fitness level. I found the second day of running in Pittsburgh to be much more agreeable, as I now found a running course that I can live with in my current state of physical fitness.

Like the CT5K program, I'm proceeding gradually, challenging myself with hill workouts & other varied workout approaches. This way, things stay fresh & I avoid burnout & hopefully other potential problems as well, while still increasing in my fitness level.

Speaking of Pittsburgh & running, tomorrow is The Great Race, a very popular, annual local event, which has both a 5K & 10K road race. Tomorrow's also the last day of my gallery exhibition & trunk show, & ironically enough, the Great Race runners will be passing the gallery, as the race course will take them along Forbes Avenue. So I'll get to see the runners go by as I'm selling my jewelry. Who knows, maybe next year, I'll come back to Pittsburgh to run this race!


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Castaway said...

congrats on your dedication! after reading your posts you seem remarkably well versed in "training-ese;" much more comfortable with the language than many recreational runners (like moi) are!

Have you signed up for a formal run yet? As target orientated as your training illustrates, it migth help to register for a run (if that's what you want)... of course there is no rule that says you can't get out and move just to get out and move!



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