Sunday, September 2, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 6 (CT5K): Cooler Weather, Longer Distance


It felt like about 68-70 degrees during tonight's run. Actually it was a bit nippy, especially in my newly acquired, comfortable-but-quite-sleeveless (!) singlet, but then of course it started to feel much better after a few minutes of running, which warmed me up sufficiently.

I'm embarrassed to say that I took another late night/early morning run (around 1 am on 9/1/07!), even though I publicly stated here in this blog that I would try not to do this. Oh well..... Since it was a Saturday night, there were still plenty of people out & about on my running path.

Anyhow, tonight I did 25 solid/consecutive minutes of running & again, it felt great. Had lots of energy, etc. Only lost steam for a while around minute number 20 or so, but then regained my mojo & made a strong finish, sprinting to the end.

Well, truth be told, I actually ran for longer than the prescribed 25 minutes of total running time: Towards the end of the 25 minutes, I decided to keep running for a few minutes more, (extending my run to about 27-28 minutes total). (I know, so "whoopee, big deal, I ran a few extra minutes." But when you are not currently used to running for that long, those extra minutes can sometimes feel a LOT longer!)

Mind you, this was not done out of arrogance or stupidity. Toward the end of the 25 minutes, I was regrettably, once again, rounding that dark creepy alcove I mentioned in a previous post, & so wasn't about to walk at that point, no matter what Robert Ullrey's CT5K podcast instructed me to do! ;-)

I just let my iPod continue to play while I ran the extra minutes, & then just hit the rewind button in order to keep the CT5K podcast going & complete the 5-minute cool down walk.

I estimate that I did a modest 10-minute mile pace, and so, covered about 2.5 miles.

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Zmoney said...

wow yoy have to be really fit :O 1 am in the morning! omg thats really early, and love the pond its just beautiful.

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