Sunday, September 16, 2007

0 Run 3, Week 8 (CT5K): Onto the Final Home Stretch


I returned home yesterday (from my travels) at around 7:30 pm; I'd considered running immediately after I'd gotten in, but by that point it was rather cold outside & I was slightly tired from my trip. So I decided to postpone the run until today.

I went for a run in the park around 1 pm today. According to the weather report, it was supposedly around 75 degrees & sunny, but due to the wind, it felt a lot cooler. Frankly, I was freezing my @#$*!% off in my singlet & "bike" tights during the 5-minute warm-up walk. If I would've known, I would worn a jacket & longer workout pants. At any rate, it's clear that Fall weather, if not yet the official start of Fall, is now here. ;-)

The run went well, although I did tire slightly towards the last 5 minutes or so. I know I definitely slowed the pace for the last half of the run.

Speaking of which, I certainly got an eye-opener today regarding my running times. This time, for the first time in months, I ran with my fiancé, Erik, who wore a GPS during the run. He reported that, for the first mile, we ran an 11 minute pace, and then even (unmentionably!) slower paces for the remaining miles. Yikes!

And here I thought I'd been running 10-minute miles or even faster! Well, to be fair, the terrain I ran today is much hillier and is not my usual running trail. So, that could account for some of the difference. Also, before, I was running at night to beat the heat, and it could've just felt like I was running faster than I actually was. Now I still could've still clocked 10-minute miles during those earlier night runs, but who knows since I wasn't wearing any devices to track my time, distance, or route. Maybe I should just give in & start wearing a stopwatch or GPS. ;-)

The lesson here is that you can't really judge your pace by how fast you "think" you're going!

"Meep, meep!"


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