Saturday, September 1, 2007

0 Running Apparel Tip #2: A Fabulous Find! C9 by Champion® Mesh Singlettes


As promised, here's the first of several posts in which I make specific product recommendations for non-cotton running apparel:

PRODUCT NAME: "C9 by Champion® Mesh Singlettes"

(The below pictures are links to product pages of an online store.)

• Athletic tank top
• Sleeveless singlet style
• Duo Dry® technology: Wicks & speeds evaporation to help keep you cool & dry.
• Breathable material, features mesh curve panels at bust sides
• Ventilated fabric for temperature control
• Made of 100% Polyester, stretches for freedom of movement
• V-neck (or rather Y-neck), tank straps
• Side slit hem

AVAILABLE COLORS: Coldwater blue (my favorite), fizzy pink, true white, euro (i.e., charcoal) grey.

SIZES: S, M, L, XL. (The small is roughly equivalent to about a size 4-6, the medium about a 8-10, & so forth.)

WHERE TO FIND THEM: I purchased several from -- surprise, surprise, of all places -- Target. If you don't have a Target store near you, you can also purchase the tops online.

NOTE ABOUT ONLINE AVAILABILITY: It looks like only coldwater blue & fizzy pink are the only colors still available online in this particular style. Also, although the hot pink color is featured on the web, it appears to be no longer available online. Check your local Target for more selection.

PRICE: $12.99.


COMMENTS: These are truly the greatest! I can't recommend them strongly enough!

Apparently, I'm not alone in that opinion, because my fiancé, Erik, commented that, during his last few runs, he saw several other female runners in the park who were wearing the exact same tops. :-) Nonetheless, I'm not really concerned about making unique fashion statements when I run. Although I wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything dowdy or unmodern looking, I frankly care more about function & fit when it comes to my running clothes. Plus, I haven't yet seen anyone wearing the same tops where I run. :-)

So, if you need running tops & haven't been able to find any comfortable or flattering athletic styles, these tops really fit the bill. Not only are they stylish & flattering, but they are highly functional as well. They are the dream of every modern female runner. Go out & buy several right now! :-)

--They can be worn for atleast 3 seasons of running (depending on where you live), & if necessary, can also be worn as a bottom layer in brisker fall weather.
--It's made of a practical, high-tech fabric which is highly recommended (by experts as well as little ole' me) for running & other forms of fitness: The garment is made of a fabric which incorporates Champion's patented Duo Dry® technology that breathes & also wicks the perspiration away from your body. I can attest to the garment's excellent functionality.
--The fit is just perfect -- not too tight & not too loose.
--The garment is styled well: It's not too revealing or low-cut, but still shows your shape.
--The garment is durable: It can be thrown in the wash with your other clothes, although I wouldn't recommend throwing them in the dryer, since it's a stretch polyester fabric. Air-drying is best.
--The price is oh-so-nice: At $12.99 a top, it's a very reasonable purchase. The garment is an excellent value, as it's inexpensive and has quality construction. So can stock up for those weeks when you run 6-7 days a week, or on those days you are just too tired & don't feel like doing laundry. ;-)

CONS: None that I can think of, except maybe the fact that you might be seen wearing the same top as someone else, if you happen to care about that sort of thing. Perhaps the other con is that, since they have become quite popular, they're selling out quickly. So if you are thinking about purchasing a few, don't wait too long, or you might not be able to find any more! ;-)

GENERAL NOTES: I have to say that, in general, Target have some of most fabulous workout clothes! And the nice thing is that they don't cost an arm & a leg, which means you can purchase a higher quantity, which is absolutely essential if you are training every day or almost every day (& don't feel like doing laundry every other second!).

Normally, you'll hear me chime about "quality over quantity," but since their workout clothes are made well, I've got no argument here. I'm a big advocate of buying quality garments that last. And when you need to buy several garments for training purposes, like me, it gets a tad expensive to dole out big bucks for multiples. I'm not a tightwad, but when it comes to running apparel, I'd rather not pay REI or Nike prices. Especially when I can get the same quality garment for less money & get 10 of them instead of two.

So run out & buy these fabulous exercise tops. You won't be disappointed. And while you're at it, please just bin those awful cotton running T-s already! Or donate them to charity, or recycle them into household or car-washing rags! Or if you must, frame your favorite road race T's & turn them into memorabilia. Just don't wear them for running!

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