Friday, September 7, 2007

1 Running Apparel Tip #4: Hooray for SmartWool Socks!


Hello Runners,

I have another great recommendation for non-cotton running apparel.

Please know that no one's paying me to say this & I only recommend products that I've personally tried or used. I'm recommending this product because I truly love it & think you'll also find it invaluably useful.

So, here it is. Smartwool socks.

If you haven't already tried them, you'll definitely want to check out a pair. Go to your local specialty running or sporting goods store & check them out in person. And then search the web for the best deal & buy them online. 8-)

I've seen them online for as little as $5.95 a pair. You just have to catch the sales at the right time. They normally retail for $13.95 & up, which is an absurd price to pay for a pair of socks. Now, mind you, I'm not a cheapskate, as I've stated previously on multiple occasions, but I don't want to pay more for a pair of socks than I have to, OK? Socks usually are the first thing to wear out, as they usually take the harshest beating of all your running apparel, aside from your running sneakers. Plus, at that price, if you need to buy multiples for several consecutive days of workouts (like me), it can add up fast. I'd rather spend my money on other things. And not on socks!

These socks are truly something special. And a true pleasure to wear! Made from 100% merino wool, they are soft & comfortable & specially seamed to fit your feet like a dream. The women's socks are specifically made to fit women's feet, & the same of course goes for their men's & kid's socks. Of course, like other well-made non-cotton apparel, they keep your feet ventilated & dry.

I swear by them. My favorite kind are the mini-crew style in light & medium weights. (They also carry ultra-light as well.)

Ten years ago, you might've seen me running around in Thorlos, like any other Mary, Jane, or Alice. Back then, the only time I wore non-cotton socks was for hiking (i.e., a non-cotton liner & wool socks as the outer layer). But atleast I did know to do that. 8-)

Speaking of which, Smartwool also make socks for other sports as well. Like hiking, cycling, walking, etc.

So throw out those ratty cotton Thorlos of yesteryear & buy a pair of these instead! You'll be glad you did! I sure was!

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Castaway said...

these are great socks for running (although I usually wear them to work with shoes)... some trail and snowshoe races i've run in even give them away as freebies along with registering!

keep on runnin'!


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