Monday, September 10, 2007

3 You Are All Rockin' Grrrls! Now Here's Your Award!


Hello there everybody,

As promised, I'm going to fulfill my responsibility as a winner of the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award and pass the torch to other deserving lady bloggers. I'm happy to have the opportunity of passing on the good vibes & the respect! (Reminds me of the movie, Pay it Forward.)

So, I'd like to bestow a "Rockin' Girl Blogger award to the following rockin' blogger girls:

Bonnie of How Can I Do That?

Nubia of The Disconnection: Encounters with Strangers

Wikta of London, The Music, & many, many other blogs! (Thought I had a lot of blogs! Don't know how she does it!)

Missladybug of Ladybug & Co

Badthing of Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet Newspage & other blogs

Cutetoes of Meh

Slugger of A Nice Place in the Sun

Heather of The Wishful Writer

Anna of My Hints

Zvi Band of With The Band

Dana of Run Granola Run

TequilaMockingbird of Tequila Mockingbird

Amy of Runners' Lounge

Tracy of The Zen Housewife

Suz of Suz on a Diet

EJ Cooksey of Losing It - Getting Fit

Abi of Couch to 5K & other blogs.

Deann of Living the Life

Fishwithoutbicycle of Fishwithoutbicycle

Thank you ladies, for your bloggerific friendship, generosity, and kindness of spirit! I greatly appreciate your warm feelings of camaraderie & sisterhood! Thank you for being people of substance & doing it with style -- I applaud you for trying to make a difference by blogging about things that matter, &/or for just trying to make people smile & laugh, which is definitely a necessary part of living a healthy & happy life!


Feel free to show off your award on your site & link back to this post (like I did with my award & link back to BlackTennisPros), showing proof positive of your award & your "awesomeness" (although you probably already know how awesome you are)! I hope you will "pay it forward" & pass on the warm fuzzies & good karma by honoring other deserving blogger "grrrls"!



fishwithoutbicycle said...

Wow thanks Corey that's so sweet of you. You made my morning :-)

Abimars said...

Hi Corey, Just to say a big thank you for stopping by my blog and for the award, I have just spent 3 hours reading your entire blog and have been really inspired by your determination. I'm really going to step up my couch to 5k plan a notch. Keep up the good work, I'll definately be a regular now

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much for the warm & friendly sentiments! You're both very welcome for the awards.

Abi, thanks so much for the mention on your blog. I'm so happy you found renewed inspiration reading my blog, & am so very appreciative & flattered that you spent so much time reading it! Three hours! Wowowowow! Hope you found the information in my posts to be of use to you. I wish you lots of success in your Couch to 5K program.

I enjoy reading both of you blogs & look forward to reading more!


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