Saturday, October 13, 2007

2 All Slimmed Down & Nothing To Wear!


OK, I'm sure people will think I'm nuts for ranting about this, but here goes: Since I seem to be dropping more & more weight every week, my wardrobe can barely keep up. The big issue is finding existing pants to wear in my closet: I have almost no pairs of pants that fit me anymore; they are all too big, & even the smallest pairs are on the verge of being too big.

I know I'm not going to get much sympathy for worrying about this, as most people would love to have this problem, but nonetheless it's very disconcerting. Here's why: Psychologically speaking, I'd rather not tailor my entire wardrobe, because 1) it would be very expensive, and 2) even if I did get my wardrobe tailored, after a 16.4+ pound weight loss, some of the items are just not going to fit the same, and 3) these clothes would only have to be tailored again, because I'm still losing weight, and 4) I'm psychologically ready to shed my old wardrobe & start anew, which means buying new clothes in smaller sizes.

So, I'm not sure if I should just walk around in my baggy pants & wait for my weight to stabilize or buy a few interim pairs of pants. The only thing is this: I did have a few interim pairs of pants, but even after a few weeks, they are now dropping off of me. I just don't want to keep buying new, smaller pairs of pants every time I shed 5+ pounds, nor do I feel like tailoring these pants, only to have to tailor them again shortly thereafter.

I guess one way around it would be to wear skirts, which are a little bit less noticeably big. I've been doing that already, but once a skirt is about 2 sizes too big, it still becomes a little awkward to wear. Thankfully, I have some skirts which still fit or are only slightly too big, so I don't mind wearing them for a while until I can get to a stabilized weight. Plus, it's easier to get skirts tailored, as the alterations are simpler. Pants have to be adjusted in more places (i.e., the waist, inseam, pant leg, etc.).

Part of me wishes that I was already done with the weight loss process, so I could just get on with buying clothes in the same size, without having to shed clothing every few weeks or so, like a cobra shedding its skin.

As I said, I'm shooting for a size 4, so after another 15 pounds, I expect that I should be around that size. The reason I know roughly what size I'll be is that this is about the size I was the last time I weighed the (undisclosed!) amount I'm now striving to reach.

Of course, it all depends on the particular clothing brand & style I'm trying on, but I expect by the time I'm done losing weight, that I'll be a size 4 in women's blouses, a size 6 jeans (women typically go up a size in jeans), a size 4 in women's slacks, and either a size 2 or 4 in dresses (women usually go down a size in dresses).

Of course, after I get to my desired weight & body fat percentage, my next set of goals will focus on achieving an even higher level of fitness & of course, maintaining my desired weight. I think that my nutrition plan will have to be modified slightly, as it's now being maximized for weight-loss (i.e., lower in carbs, a decent amount of low-fat & Omega-3-based proteins, lots of fiber/veggies/fruit, etc.). Of course, I'll continue to eat healthfully, but I'll probably need to incorporate more carbs than I'm currently consuming, especially if I start running longer distances.

Right now, most of the carbs I get are from veggies, and not bread-based foods. However, I will eat the very occasional slice of whole grain bread, small batch of lowfat or nonfat popcorn, or a small bit of brown or long-grain basmati rice, etc. I try to stick to low-glycemic foods, & typically avoid eating high-glycemic ones like pasta or potatoes. I have to admit that it's not easy for me to consume starchy carbs, as I'd rather not eat them if I don't have to do so. They just seem like empty, wasted calories.

These days, no matter how yummy something looks, I won't go for it if it has something "bad" (i.e., harmful chemicals like MSG or aspartame, bad oils or fats, etc.) in it. Even today, when we ordered Chinese food, I got steamed vegetables & tofu, with the sauce on the side. I barely used any of the sauce. For dessert, I did eat the fortune cookie & a few pieces of gourmet black licorice, but atleast the licorice was made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients (i.e., no high fructose corn syrup, etc.). I know that eating sugar/sucrose isn't great in any form (whether it's raw cane sugar or a chemical compound like dextrose), but I eat it in moderation, as I don't want to get hooked on it. ;-)

Sugar & caffeine really age your skin, and are not good for the rest of you either. But again, I rarely eat or drink things with caffeine in them, and limit my sugar to the occasional piece of licorice or scoop of ice cream. I'm not afraid to eat the occasional chocolate bon-bon, but this is also only once in a blue moon.

I'm finding that right now, since I work so hard, I just don't want to slow down my weight-loss progress. Of course I know it's still important to have the occasional treat, so as not to go completely cuckoo. The gourmet licorice I like to eat really works for me, because it's a very satisfying treat & it's still a zero fat food. I haven't had ice cream for about 2 plus months, & since it's getting cold, I don't really crave it anymore. I do like to have popcorn as a treat as well. The part of the corn kernel that's left over after its popped is the outer husk of the kernel, which doesn't really have any nutritional value, but if this is the worst thing I'm eating as an occasional treat, I guess I could do a lot worse! ;-)

The other thing I'm finding is that I don't really crave sweet as much as salty right now. Perhaps it has to do with the salt I'm losing during my workouts, but when I eat or snack, I'm more interested in salty foods lately. Of course, it's important to use salt in moderation as well, which I'm already doing.

I also don't like to use food as a reward, so instead, if I'm craving a treat, I'll just eat it in moderation & enjoy the taste of it. I'm finding this works really well for me, and keeps my nutrition plan (& my cravings!) in check.


greg said...

Go for upgrading the wardrobe. Get rid of those things that no longer fit.

I've lost over 12 inches from my waist and now am at the point where nothing in the closet fits any longer. I'm now at the point where I must buy new clothes. I know that it is absolutely different for guys when it comes to fit and fashion but I have bought a very limited wardrobe - 3 prs of trousers until I lose some more weight.

Keep on going - it's a great problem to have isn't it?

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your feedback/commentary & encouragement! Your loss of 12 inches from your waist is absolutely wonderful & inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experiences; it's really great to hear your story, & of course, how you plan to solve the same issue of having a practically empty closet! ;-)

I've decided that I'm going to live with the few pairs of pants that I currently own for another month or two, before I start on the quest for new clothes. I'll just wear a belt, as they'll probably only be a size too big by that point.

Also, I'm going to wait until I lose all of the weight before I get anything tailored, & at that, will only get my favorite wardrobe items tailored.

This way, I can make the most of my wardrobe, without having to drop a ton of cash for the various stages of weight loss.

Can't wait to go shopping in a few months!

Likewise, I bet you are also looking forward to the time when you can have more than 3 pairs of trousers in your closet!

I wish you lots of success in your weight loss & fitness. Please check in with me again & let me know how it's going. I look forward to hearing more about your fitness/weight loss progress!

Thanks again for your comments!

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