Wednesday, October 10, 2007

3 Weigh-In: I'm A (Not-So) Mean, Lean, Weight-Loss Machine: Another 1.2 Pounds Lost!


As usual, I weighed myself after the previous evening's run. Even though yesterday run wasn't exactly what I'd call "victorious" 8-), I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd lost more weight (as compared to the previous measurement I took two days ago) after looking in the mirror this morning.

Before I even consider hopping on the scale in the morning, I often look at my body first to see if it's tightened up in any obvious places after the previous night's run. I know it sounds a tad bit incredulous/unbelievable, but I've actually seen minor differences in my body's muscle tone in as little as one to two days, particularly in my legs, posterior, arms, & waist.

Well, as suspected, I did in fact lose weight, a whole 1.2 pounds! So, the weight loss, coupled with my noticeably tighter leg muscles, are proof-positive that even the not-so-great runs can still have their benefits! 8-)

(Well, to be honest, probably some of it's due to my lack of appetite. After last night's run, I did drink a bottle of water & ate one of those 100-calorie Healthy Pop popcorn bags, but I couldn't manage much else. Plus it was already rather late when I ate my "dinner," so it was probably better anyhow to wait until the next morning to make an earnest attempt to eat.)

I just noticed that I've lost 16.4 pounds since I began running on 7/21/07 (13.6 pounds to go!), and 4.4 pounds in 5 days, the latter of which is actually not a good sign. The weight is coming off too fast. (Never thought I'd hear myself say that!) I hope I'm not losing muscle mass.

Also, since I'm going to start running for longer distances very shortly (i.e., in less than a week), I'm going to need eat something more substantial.

While I'm writing this, Erik just told that I can't wait for hunger cues to eat; I've just got to go ahead & eat my 3 small meals interspersed with 3 snacks & not wait to be hungry for them. Normally I'm hungry for meals, so this is definitely going to take some getting used to before I can normalize again.

So in the meanwhile, until my hunger returns, I'll make an earnest attempt to eat on a more regular basis.

Hunger, I'm begging you, please come back to me! I actually miss you now & would like to see you again soon. ;-)


cymrusteve said...

nice work on the weight loss! really good effort..

here's a good article on burning fat and increasing your metabolism:

maybe some of it will be useful. i thought it was a good read anyway.

keep it up!


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve, for the great article! It was a good read, packed full of good ideas & common sense.

Hope your training's going well. Will stop by your blog to find out. ;-)


cyberpenguin said...

And of course thank you for the kudos on the weight-loss. Not sure how much of the credit actually goes to the run itself, but of course am happy, nonetheless, to be moving in the downward direction on the scale!

Have you found that your own weight has dropped dramatically with your training, or was this a non-issue for you, as you are probably already fairly fit from your prolonged marathon training?

Also, was curious to know if you've likewise experienced other dramatic changes, (like suppressed appetite, etc.) while training?

Do you know if it's normal to experience such a suppressed appetite while training? Am curious to know what your experiences have been in this area.


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