Wednesday, October 3, 2007

1 Short-Term Goal Review, Past & Present: Am I On Target?


Today, in keeping with my strategy of continual reassessment, I'd like to review my originally stated fitness & nutrition goals, both longterm & short-term, & set new short-term goals for the upcoming 2 months. (Since the BOHR program is 10 weeks long, two months seems to be a good time period for my next short-term goal review.)

So the question is this: Have I achieved my short-term goals of the previous 2-month review period & am I on target with my upcoming short-term goals? Let us now review these goals & compare with the results:


Flexibility: Stretch before & after all workouts.
Goal Assessment: Did warm-up & cool-down walks & additional stretching.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Get stretching straps like the fabulous ones I used at Canyon Ranch!

Aerobic Fitness: Complete the CT5K program in 9 weeks/2 months (by September 21st).
Goal Assessment: Achieved!
Reassessment Plan of Action: I've gotten a new running plan, BOHR, which will occupy/challenge me for the next 10 weeks.

Nutrition: Follow the Abs Diet Plan for the next 9 weeks (concurrent with exercise program).
Goal Assessment:
Although I didn't follow the Abs Diet Plan exactly, in terms of the exact menu plan, I still ate many of the recommended foods from the plan & ate tremendously healthy. I did keep to the "meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack" plan & followed the breakfast meal plans (i.e., the easiest meal!) fairly faithfully.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Since I'm doing so well with eating nutritious foods & allocating portion-sizes, I'm going to change my goal to "continue to follow the 'spirit' & general outline of the plan." This is a more realistic & achievable goal for me. IMHO, many of the lunch & dinner meals in the plan are below-the-bar in terms of taste & don't incorporate (m)any of the most common spices (like oregano, basil, marjoram, etc.) & are completely missing the more exciting ones (like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, cardamom, etc.), all of which are important for health & tremendously enhance flavor & thus, one's enjoyment of food. Since I love to cook & usually can find atleast some time for it these days, I'm going to do a mixture of the simple meals from the Abs Diet & my own healthy (but more exciting & slightly more involved style of) cooking, with a continued emphasis on the appropriate portion-sizes & small meals interspersed with snacks.

Nutrition: Take multivitamins every day.
Goal Assessment: Failed miserably! Took multivitamins when I remembered to take them, which was only about 1-2 times a week or less!
Reassessment Plan of Action: Set up automated reminders in Toodledoo or MS Outlook.)

Nutrition/Hydration: Drink 8 eight-oz. glasses of water a day.
Goal Assessment: Achieved! Working out makes you crave a lot of water, so this one was fairly easy to do. 8-) Plus, the small water bottles I drink are 25 fluid ounces each, so it takes only about 2 1/2 bottles a day to fulfill the 64 oz. requirement.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Continue drinking 8+ eight-oz. glasses of water a day.

Core Strength: Do 50 situps 3 times a week (preferably on same days as the CT5K runs).
Goal Assessment: Failed miserably! Didn't do even one-set of sit-ups for the entire period!
Reassessment Plan of Action: I either need to scale back my time-table for my strength-training goals, due to my current workload/schedule, or find a way to fit in more strength training. If I'm already working out 3 times a week, despite a very busy schedule, then perhaps a more modest starting point for now would be to do the strength training activities once a week, perhaps on a Wednesday. While I'm dedicated to working out, I don't want to unrealistically overextend myself to the point of burn-out. So for now, I'll shoot for 50 situps once a week, and then take it from there. I'll follow the philosophy of CT5K, which is a gradual increase of activity, especially when incorporating new types of activity. After all, I want to set up myself for continued success, not failure!

Arm Strength: Once a week, do 10 push-ups & also lift 5-10 lb. free-weights.
Goal Assessment: Hahahaha! My strength-training in any area was non-existent!
Reassessment Plan of Action: See above. I'll do my arm workouts on Wednesday, along with my sit-ups, & will probably also add leg-strengthening exercises as well. Not all of these activities have to be done in a gym. So, if I'm short on time, I can do push-ups, sit-ups, & leg lifts in the comfort & privacy of my home/hotel room/etc. This way, exercises become portable & thus, more do-able in any environment & under any circumstance.

Weight Loss: Lose 8-10 pounds in the next 2 months (by September 21).
Goal Assessment: Achieved & exceeded! For the two month period, I lost approximately 11 pounds.
Reassessment Plan of Action: My weight loss goal for the next 10 week period will be to lose another 8-10 pounds. As I'm increasing both the distance & intensity of my runs, it should be an achievable goal. Right now, I'm not so worried about my pace, but will intersperse some shorter, faster runs into my workouts after I get to the one-hour mark.

The next post will discuss/assess my long-term goals....

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Missladybug said...

Excellent posting. Good, organized summarization and very honest too. :)

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