Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Weigh-In: Just Couldn't Wait To Share The Good News!


OK, I know I just promised to wait until the end of next week to share my weight-loss results; but after hopping on the scale this morning, they were just too good to keep to myself. Alright, drum roll please......

Since the last time I weighed myself (on 9/19, or about 2 weeks ago), I lost a total of 5.2 pounds (or 3.9 pounds, if I start from my previous lowest weight recorded on 9/16, before I gained the 1.9 pounds on 9/18 & then lost 0.6 pounds the day after).

Either way, it's great news!

Also, this means that I've now lost a total of 14.4 pounds. Yea!

I'm practically at the half-way mark for my weight-loss goal, with only 15.6 pounds to go to get to my goal-weight! Whooo-hoooo!

Oh that's right, I forgot to tell you that I've now decided to lose 30 pounds total instead of 25 pounds. This will take me to a decent athletic/training weight for racing. Since I'm training for a marathon, I might even be able to lose another 2-3 pounds (of fat) in the process, but I'm not going to consciously strive for it. If it happens, it'll happen naturally through the process of running. Also, if I begin my weight-lifting regimen, I'll obviously increase my muscle mass & also burn more fat, so who knows at what exact weight I'll stabilize.

The goal is to fit into a size 4, but I'd still be ecstatic to be a size 6. Either size will be around the size I was during my previous state of peak fitness, so it's not like I'm being unrealistic about my size. My frame most likely can't handle being anything less than a size 4, so I'd be seriously surprised if I ever got down to a 2 or a 0. At my height (which is around 5'6") & frame size (which is somewhere between small & medium), it probably wouldn't even be healthy to be that thin anyhow.

Like the scale, the size thing is just a gauge point for me. The real test will be when I take a body-fat test.

I just want to get to the stage where I'm completely toned & buff, and have no extra fat or flab where it's not supposed to be. If I get to about 10% body fat, that'll mean I will have achieved the same body fat percentage as a world-class female personal trainer or a marathon runner in peak fitness.

As I move along towards my goals, you can see that I tend to get amped up & envision even more specific details, especially in terms of my fitness level & body's muscle-to-fat ratio/composition.

I'm truly excited to see I'll be able to achieve in the next few months. I'm focused on setting S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals, and taking small steps every day to achieve these goals.

If there's one thing that my first training program, the CT5K program, has taught me, it's that "slow & steady wins the race." The lesson of "training as a gradual progression," especially as a more stable means of ensuring continual success, is one that I'll take away with me, & keep for a very long time.

Yesterday, when I shared the news of my small successes with my mother, she told me that Grandpa would be very proud of me. I really do hope so!


Missladybug said...

You should be SO proud of doing this Corey. You have done this because YOU wanted it. Good for you and glad you are out there inspiring others too (including me).

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Ab! It's a nice feeling to know that I'm inspiring you to workout! Hope your workouts are going well. Are you continuing with the CT5K workouts we started back home? Or are you mostly working out at the gym with a trainer? Are you doing aerobic & strength training exercises, as well as stretching? Well, I'm sure you'll email me about it or just comment on my blog. ;-)

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