Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 Late Night Munchies & Other Interesting Observations


Well, lest you think I'm purposely trying to starve myself, last night I had a late night snack-attack around midnight, & munched on some low-fat but calorie-laden carbs. Now, normally, this would be a bad thing to do (i.e., eating empty calories/carbs late at night), but since I haven't been eating much of anything lately, it was actually a good thing. Of course, I didn't hop on the scale this morning ;-), but since I'm going for a run in the next 30 minutes, it probably won't do that much damage in the larger scheme of things.

Also, I'm happy to report that my efforts are finally paying off in the energy/stamina department, as I now find myself walking up several flights of stairs without huffing & puffing like I used to do. That is certainly rather nice.

I can even talk on my mobile while scaling steps & people on the phone don't seem to notice any change in my breathing. ;-) What can I say, I like to multi-task.

Yesterday (i.e., Wednesday) was supposed to be my weight-lifting day, but I was really tired & ended up skipping it. For practical reasons, I think I'll be changing my weight-lifting day to Sunday or Monday. I know myself, and I'm not going to want to lift on my "day off" between Tuesday & Thursday's runs. Better to space it out more & do my lifting later in the week.

OK, well got to get into my running clothes for tonight's run(s).

(Yikes, just noticed that it's 58 degrees. Will definitely be wearing long pants & long-sleeves tonight!)


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cymrusteve said...

"Yesterday (i.e., Wednesday) was supposed to be my weight-lifting day, but I was really tired & ended up skipping it."

haha - sounds exactly like me. i always find a great reason not to do strength work.

i'm racing a half marathon on Sunday and didn't want to do anything that may mess up my race - hence I skipped my strength night tonight :)

58 degrees sounds wonderful. still in the high 70s and 80s here...



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