Friday, October 26, 2007

5 Marine Corps Marathon This Sunday!


Hey everybody, this Sunday morning, October 28th, is the 32nd Annual Marine Corps Marathon, otherwise known amongst the running crowd as the "MCM"!

Open ceremonies kick off bright & early at 07:20 hours, & the marathon itself officially starts at 08:00 hours! (For a complete list of events, click here.)

If you are are planning on running this race, good luck! If you plan to be a spectator, you can click here for information about where to find the appropriate, designated spectator locations to cheer on your favorite MCM runner!

You can also send your favorite MCM runner a note of encouragement at

Speaking of which, one of my blogger pals, Cymrusteve of the 3 fabulous blogs, Cymru66, Run Bulldog Run, & Everything Kylie, will be running this marathon. So, let's all wish him good luck!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll have better weather for his race than we've been having all this week! It looks like Sunday's forecast (thankfully!) calls for sunshine & a temperature of 55 degrees! Yea!

If you'd like to track his progress (&/or other runners who'll be racing) in the MCM using Remote Runner Tracking, you can do so by signing up here. To follow Steve's race times, please be sure to enter Steve's last name as "Speirs" and first name as "Steve." (Here's Steve's original post about the topic.)

Although I won't be able to be there to cheer him on in person, I'll be cheering him on virtually & following his race progress this Sunday from my laptop.

Hope you have a great race, Steve!



cymrusteve said...

What a great post! Thanks for all the encouragement in advance of Sunday's race. The weather forecast says the rain will all be gone by Sunday and the conditions look to be very favorable indeed.

Looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow, relaxing as much as possible and minimizing the amount of time on my feet - 26.2 miles on Sunday will be quite enough thank you!

I hope to be able to post my prediction on tomorrow. I wonder how close I'l get to it??

Thanks again and happy runner tracking!


cymrusteve said...

Not much online time today, but just posted a quick prediction over at

Here it is: a rather ambitious, and possibly suicidal, 2:50:30 (6:30 pace)

Nothing wrong with challenging yourself is there? Whatever the outcome, I know I will have given it my all.

Really excited about the race. Soon be time to get some sleep....


greg said...

Made me sad. I was registered but ended up injured. Instead, I'm checking out what others are up to today.

It is a fun post.

me! said...

so runner tracking really screwed up on my phone - sent over 100 texts of mile 22 time. did your runner tracking work out or did you encounter the same thing? trying to see if this was a fluke for who i was following or if other people had the same prob. thanks :)

cyberpenguin said...

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Steve Speirs (a.k.a., cymrusteve) on his amazing, sub 3-hour finish! His finish time according to the MCM remote tracker was "02:54:00 @ Finish, Pace 6:38." Steve, I hope you are having a good post-marathon race recovery & will look forward to hearing from you about your impressions of the experience after you get back home!

Greg, I'm sorry to hear that you got injured. Hope you heal quickly & get better soon!

Me!", thanks for your comment on my blog, To answer your question: Yes, I too, got 5 zillion messages via the remote tracking system for the MCM. Arrrgh! (I opted for email & not mobile messages, but the effect was still the same!) I seem to have gotten all of the information (i.e., times at the 5M mark, 10M mark, etc.), but several zillion times! Yes, agreed. Was very annoying! Oh well. Took me a while, but finally got around to deleting all of those messages.

Hope your phone is still in one piece! ;-) Next time, it might be better to just get the information directly from the MCM runner you're tracking! ;-)


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