Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1 Nature Photos from Yesterday's Walk


And now, as promised, here are some of the pictures I took of the lake where I walked yesterday.... (If you click on any of the photos, you'll see an enlarged view.)

Some panoramic views of the lake:

And of course, you've already seen the below photo, as it's the one I used for the past 2 posts regarding my walks/runs around the man-made lake:

There was so much natural beauty to capture, that I lost track of time while snapping photos! Plus, a few people stopped to chat with me while I was taking pictures, so I must've been at the lake for several hours total.

Some fall flowers & fruits were in full-bloom, ...

...While others were still mere buds.

Appearing in abundance around the lake were milkweed pods in various stages. Some were completely closed or just opening, while others were already releasing their fuzzy seeds:

Arrows of streaming sunlight pierced the wooded areas surrounding the lake:

And the sky was as bright as the fall folliage:

Ducks and geese were out & about, enjoying the fine weather. (As were many people!)

Several weeping willows swayed in the gentle afternoon breeze:

And wooden bridges & docks welcomed many visitors, human & animal alike:

Usually, a small turtle family rests peacefully on a log at the far posterior end of the lake, sunning themselves with complete abandon. I'd sighted them on several previous occasions. However, yesterday, metal signs were the only evidence of their existence.

Although I wasn't able to spot the turtle family, I was thrilled to see the blue heron today, which is a much rarer occurrence.

The lake was so sunny & bright, its ripples glimmered in the sun.

To view a more extensive selection of photos from my jaunt at the lake, please visit my Flickr page. Enjoy!

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cymrusteve said...

Wow, beautiful photos! What a great place to be able to run/walk/whatever...

Thanks for sharing!


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