Monday, October 22, 2007

2 Props For Some Very Cool Runner-Blogger Pals!


I just want to send out some special thank-yous to the following fellow runner-bloggers who've been "constant companions" as well as "constant commentators" on my blog -- cheering me on, offering advice, & just generally being the nice, friendly, supportive people that they are:

Cymrusteve of Rull Bull Dog Run: All of his blogs are great! His posts are well-written & informative. I like the fact that his self-assessments are incredibly honest, & yet so understated & modest. He's an amazing runner who continually blows me away with his stats & overall running performance. His posts are truly inspiring, especially for a tadpole marathoner-in-training like me! Steve, thanks for being such a great blogger pal, & of course for reading & commenting on my blog with such impressive frequency!

Abimars of Abi's Couch to 5K. This gal's got plenty of personality, enough for the entire blogosphere! She can be, in various turns, hilarious funny & also deeply thoughtful, & her posts are very enjoyable to read. So read her blog: You will want to cheer her on & see her succeed! Way to go, Abi!!!!!

Castaway (a.k.a. Mister Scott) of Run-A-Bout!: Castaway/Mister Scott is a poignant writer, & I'm continually moved by his thoughtful nature & the beautiful presentation of his philosophical ideas. He's a writer-runner in the best sense of the word.

Missladybug of Ladybug & Co: Missladybug continually amazes me with her magical triple-threat combination of eloquence, substance/utility, and rapid-fire, sharp-as-a-tack sense of humor, which can be found in almost every post she writes. I don't know how she manages to be so funny so often. Being this funny so often will probably become illegal somewhere soon, so you better read her blog & enjoy now while you still can. ;-)

I highly recommend the above blogs, which are unique & fascinating as the people who write them!


cymrusteve said...

That is too cool - thanks for the shout-out!

Keep up the great work on the blog and the running and thanks for your continued support too.

Happy Miles!


Missladybug said...

Thanks for the AMAZING comment you wrote about me. Made me smile from ear to ear. Well, I hope I can live up to expectations. I love love LOVE your blogorama.

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