Tuesday, October 9, 2007

1 Run 1, Week 2 (CT5K) + Run 1, Week 3 (BOHR): Running Out Of Steam!


After a long hiatus from our joint runs, my friend & I picked up the CT5K workouts again tonight, running Run 1, Week 2 together at around 6:30 pm. Then we walked & talked for an additional 10-15 minutes afterwards. It was around 83+ degrees or so, but thankfully cooled down a bit during the last part of our workout.

My friend ran a few times (& got up to about Run 3, Week 2) while I was away in Pittsburgh. However, since her last run was about a week ago, we decided to start at Run 1, Week 2, to re-establish a certain level of fitness for her before proceeding onward.

She'll be away for 2 1/2 weeks starting next Tuesday, so even though we'll have completed Week 2 this week, it looks like we'll be repeating (atleast some portion of) Week 2 again when she returns! Even though we won't be running together, she'll be walking around a lot during the next few weeks. So maybe with the moderate exercise she'll be doing on her trip, we'll hopefully be able to start at the later half of Week 2. At any rate, we'll start at what ever week she feels comfortable doing when she returns.....

All in all, I'd like us to keep moving forward in the (CT5K) program, but I don't want to push ahead when she's not ready. After all, at this stage of the program, it's important to progress gradually. And we need to work around the occasional one-to-two-plus-week-long hiatuses like vacations and business trips, as well as unexpected events like last-minute meetings or funerals, etc. Flexibility is key here, as well as knowing when to move ahead to the next challenge or when to repeat a week!

At this point in her training, the running hasn't become a regular thing, so it's good that we run the two runs together during the week, as it somehow makes her Saturday runs seem more manageable for her.

I also recognize that I'm at a different commitment level than she is right now, which is fine. There's no judgment here, just an observation. After 11+ weeks of running, this really shouldn't be come as a surprise, as running has now become a regular part of my life. It's almost become an unconscious ritual like brushing my teeth or washing my face.

What my commitment to running does mean, in terms of my schedule, is that, I will find time to run no matter what's going on in my life or where I happen to be, geographically speaking, at any particular moment. This is a conscious decision I've made for myself, and only applies to me & my own particular priorities; notice that I'm not forcing other people to do it or trying to draft my friend into doing the same. After all, everyone has different reasons & motivations to exercise! I'm just happy that my friend's running the CT5K program with me right now!

As for my second run of the evening (Run 1, Week 3 of the BOHR training program, i.e., another 30-minute run), it was a difficult & sluggish one. And that's putting it kindly.

First of all, it was hot & muggy outside. I estimate that it was probably around 80 degrees at the start of my run, which was around 7:45 pm or so. Also, I hadn't had enough water to drink & was slightly dehydrated. Adding insult to injury, I was running on empty & the only things I'd eaten previously in the day were an apple, a cheesestick, & (finally!) the left-over Chilean sea bass from an earlier night's restaurant outing (described in a previous post). (If you're curious, you can read about that meal here). So, not surprisingly, I really lost steam after I was about half-way through my run.

The thing I'm currently struggling with is my changing hunger levels, or lack thereof. Normally, I rely on my recognition of hunger signals as a cue to eat, but since lately I haven't been hungry at all, it's completely throwing off my eating patterns. I do like the fact that exercise keeps my appetite in check, but I really don't want it to make my appetite completely disappear either! I hope this weird appetite suppression will normalize at some point; if not, I might need to go to the doctor to make sure it's not something else that's affecting my appetite.

But back to running: Even though I was feeling less than energetic at the outset of my run (i.e., not a very good sign!), I was very determined not to stop. Then I started to get rather dizzy about three-quarters of the way into my run & so, stopped momentarily. Not long after, a little voice in my head was nonchalantly observing that "the dizzy feeling I was experiencing was most likely a result of dehydration!" A few moments after the dizziness subsided, I struggled to remember what I'd had to drink & eat that afternoon. That is, the part of me that wasn't still spinning!

I only stopped for a few seconds, but I'm glad I did. Usually I can push through most feelings, but I have the sense to know that dizziness is not one of those feelings I should just push through! ;-)

The last quarter of the run was more like a hobble, as I slowed down considerably to compensate for the internal struggle to retain composure through the bouts of dizziness & low-energy. I truly had nothing left to give towards the last half to three quarters of tonight's run.

Usually I have atleast something left at the end, to sprint to the finish, but not tonight. I was barely running towards the end. Of course, I don't even want to know what my pace was tonight, as there'd be no point in measuring speed under those conditions. All I know is that it was considerably slower, due to the aforementioned physical/dietary/hydration factors. There's no sense in beating myself up over it. Rather, I'll just chalk this experience up to a lesson learned.

Note to self: Drink more water earlier on in the day, i.e., several hours before your runs! Also, eat something more substantial, i.e., actual meals, during the day, so that your runs are more energetic! Doh!

OK, well tomorrow is the first weight-lifting day. Oh yea. ;-) But seriously, I sure hope I'll have more energy tomorrow than I did today. Anything will be better if I can just keep better tabs on my food intake.

OK, well I'm exhausted & am going to sign off for tonight.

Have a good night!

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cymrusteve said...

sounds like the second run was kind of scary. there's nothing worse than running on empty, both from an energy and fluid viewpoint. glad you stuck with it, but be careful with those dizzy feelings....

for me, a good breakfast is the secret to feeling "full" throughout the day. the problem is sometimes i'm quite lazy in the morning and will just have a bowl of cereal and a coffee - the days i add an omelette are much better.

good luck with the strength training and keep sipping the water!


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