Tuesday, October 16, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 4 (BOHR): Back to Warm Weather Runs Again! Yea!


Went for a 34-minute run at 7 pm today; the first run of Week 4 is only supposed to be 30 minutes, but once again, I ran long enough to get back to my starting point. I must be getting slightly faster, as it usually takes me 5 extra minutes or more to do this! ;-)

It was a beautiful 72 degrees outside, but out of habit, I walked outside dressed in a long-sleeved shirt & long pants. There was a nice breeze, so I didn't feel overheated in my running outfit.

I was tired at the outset of today's run, but still had a pretty good run. Normally I feel very energetic the first two miles or so, & then start dragging by the last mile. (Or, sometimes I get my second wind by the last mile.) Today's run was the reverse: A nice, slow two miles and then I picked up the pace by the third mile.

Still haven't managed to squeeze in my strength workout. Yes, I know. My level of procrastination in this particular area is getting rather ridiculous. I think I'll just take down my level of expectation by a notch, & instead say that I will start by doing sit-ups tomorrow and then progress from there. There, that doesn't sound nearly as scary as saying I'll do 5 zillion strength exercises & then actually end up doing nothing. ;-) Small steps help not just to get stuff done, but keep you from procrastinating, which in my case, is usually due to feeling overwhelmed.

See, if I set the bar low enough, I cannot fail. ;-0 But seriously, it usually takes a few times to incorporate extra exercises into the regular routine before they become just as mindless as running. Or so we hope! ;-)

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