Monday, October 29, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 6 (BOHR): Living The Fantasy!


Today was my first day running for an entire hour. Yes, I've finally become a one hour runner, and have done it 4 weeks in advance of the original BOHR program's timeline. Either my body's in hyperwarp drive speed, fast-tracking its way to ├╝ber-fitness, or I might be doing something completely insane.

Well, I feel exceptionally good, even several hours after the run, so I'm not sure what to think just yet. ;-)


Erik & I went out for our run around 8:15 am today. It was around 75 degrees outside. (Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that I'm now in Palm Spring, CA, on a vacation with my family. ;-) The beautiful weather here certainly helps to make running an incredibly pleasant experience! Especially considering the rather icky weather I ran in only last week, on the opposite coast. What a contrast! Makes me think seriously about moving to the west coast permanently, where I could run outside almost every day of the year. Wow! How great would THAT be!)

Erik ran about 40 minutes with me, which was also his single longest consecutive period of running since last summer. He was again having ankle problems towards the end of his run, so I'm not sure how wise it was for him to do that. At any rate, I'm proud of him for the accomplishment, despite the cost of his efforts.

It was an amazing run. The weather was perfect, the surroundings were awe-inspiring, & I felt really strong. At around the 25 minute mark, I felt the endorphins kick in, & it was a really big rush. I sped up & kept going faster & faster until about the 45 minute mark. Around 50 minutes, I slowed up a bit, but then at 55 minutes sped back up again & ran at a good clip until the finish (i.e., the 1 hour mark). Was really proud of the way I ran today. Things are really starting to click into place for me & I'm just overjoyed about it!

Went faster during the last half of the run than I had done over the last few weeks. Definitely had a breakthrough run today!

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