Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 Run 2, Week 6 (BOHR): Just Putting In The Miles


Today at 7:45 AM, I went running with Erik & my little sister, Abby (a.k.a. Missladybug of the hilarious & inspirational blog, Ladybug & Co). I was proud of my sister for joining us today on our early morning run, especially since she'd been up late working the night before. Of course I was also proud of Erik for sticking in there & running with his bum ankle.

Speaking of which, Erik ran about 25 minutes or so before his ankle started throbbing again. My sister ran about 16 minutes or so, which was very good considering she'd only previously been running multiple intervals of approximately 10 consecutive minutes at a time.

I ran 1 hours & 5 minutes today. (Yes, I know, way past the 33 minutes I was supposed to do today.) Had a rather sluggish run, which was probably due to a combination of an almost empty tank from skipping dinner last night (i.e., I had a slice of olive bread before bed & a swig of OJ this morning before our run) & a bit of dehydration.

About 30 minutes into my run (i.e., the half-way point), I turned around & headed back. At around the 40 minute mark, I tried psyching myself up to stay energetic, telling myself I was strong & still had lots of reserve energy to tap. I sped up considerably, believing my own hype. ;-) Then at about the 50 minute mark, I slowed up to a pace which was probably slower than the one I ran at 30 minutes, but atleast I was moving forward. ;-) The sun was also considerably hotter & my throat was being to feel rather parched.

I kept chugging along until I saw the pool in front of our villa, at which point I sped up again. (At this point, I'd already entered the hotel/villa complex & had been running on the path parallel to the golf-course for several minutes.) I ran to the gate at the far end of the complex, at which point I turned around & doubled back to the villa. I sprinted from the turn-around point at the gate to a lamp just past the pool, which I used as a marker point for the end of my run. My sprint to the finish was very strong. Apparently, I did have some steam left in the tank! ;-)

Then I walked for another 10-15 minutes along the path parallel to the golf course. I walked into the fitness center, drank 4 cups of water, & then took 2 cups of water with me to give to Erik & Ab. I didn't see them on the golf-course path, so I walked outside the hotel & villa complex to see if I could find them on the sidewalk bordering the road. In the distance, I saw two figures, one in a white T & black shorts & another dressed in a black tank & yoga pants, which of course I knew just had to be them. They were very happy to see me, especially since I was there to greet them with two cups of water! ;-)

We all walked back to the villa & had smoothies for breakfast. After our showers, we headed down to the pool, which is where I'm currently typing this post. 8-) The complex has wireless (Yea!), plus there are electrical outlets at the pool.

Right now, I'm under an umbrella, so my laptop doesn't explode from the desert heat! ;-)

As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to put away the umbrella, sun a bit, & then take a well-deserved dip in the pool & then relax my spent muscles in the hot tub. OK, I think I'm going to start that process right about now. 8-)

Hope you're all having a nice afternoon! I'll check in again this Friday, after our final run in beautiful, sunny California!

Happy Halloween!


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cymrusteve said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat. I think every marathon runner should be able to retire to a place like this for a week after a big race :)

Great work on the plus 1 hour run and I hope the hot tub helped the aching muscles...

Enjoy the rest of your stay!


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