Sunday, October 7, 2007

0 Run 3, Week 2 (BOHR): A Beautiful Night For A Run


Went for my last run of Week 2 tonight at around 9:40 pm. When I walked out the door, it was 75 degrees & slightly breezy. Hard to believe it's October 7th & still 75 degrees in the late evening! How fantastic is that! 8-)

Pounded out tonight's run in a rather perfunctory way. Definitely didn't go as fast as my previous run, but still had a decent run. Was supposed to run only 30 minutes tonight, but added 5 more minutes to return back to my starting point to complete the total distance.

Have been trying to sprint the last few hundred yards of my runs for the past several weeks, but tonight I didn't have much left at the end. ;-)

For some weird reason, I haven't been very hungry at all today. All I remember having today was an apple around 2 pm or so, which probably also accounts for tonight's low-energy run. Now that can't be all I ate, but I can't remember eating anything else today.

After my run, I drank a water after my run & ate some negligibly minuscule popcorn crumbs from Erik's leftover mini Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn bag, but that hardly counts as significant food consumption. I generally try not to eat late in the evening, but even those small popcorn crumbs got metabolized fairly quickly, as they were eaten within 45 minutes of my run. ;-) (Note: If you are going to eat before or after a run, it's best to eat within 45 minutes of your exercise, as the food you eat will be metabolized most efficiently during this period. At the same token, it's best to have atleast 4 hours of space between food consumption & your bedtime, to maximize the thermic effect of the food you've just consumed. See my previous post on Nutrition Tip #1: And Now A Word (Finally!) On Nutrition, for more information on this topic.)

Perhaps last night's larger meal (of a fairly sizeable salad, an appetizer of mussels & tomatoes of which the portion size was more like a meal, steamed zucchini, 1 piece of bread, & a few bites of shrimp & fish) accounts for why I wasn't hungry today. We ate at a fantastic fish/seafood restaurant last night.... After eating the appetizer & salad, etc., I was almost full! I could only manage two small bites of my entrée. The good thing is that, by the time the main course (i.e., Chilean sea bass) came out, I had the sense to stop eating after only two small bites & had the rest of it wrapped up in a "doggie bag" to take home for a future meal. I still felt rather full, but atleast it wasn't that uncomfortably full feeling that accompanies a bout of serious overeating! Anyhow, it's probably better than I didn't eat much today, after all of that food. (I still have yet to eat the leftover fish in my fridge.)

I've usually got a hearty appetite, but the exercise seems to be curbing it a lot lately...... I feel like I'm turning into someone else, someone with a smaller stomach & less cravings! It's a really weird feeling, & I frankly haven't gotten used to it yet!

At the outset of my fitness & nutrition program, I promised myself that when I slimmed down that I wouldn't turn into one of those women. You know the ones I'm talking about -- those mean, skinny b*tches we all love to hate, who barely eat & when they do, they pick at their food like little field mice & eat only lettuce for lunch with barely any protein or anything else substantial. Even though my clothing size is a size small & will probably get smaller in the near future as I continue to run greater mileage, I certainly am not becoming one of those women any time in the near future!

I really do love food, but the funny thing is that now I'm actually enjoying it even more, as I eat less but get more enjoyment from what I eat. Satiety happens faster, & I guess I should be very glad of that! This is yet another positive, natural side-effect of running on a longterm basis. Yea!


Looking ahead, next week is the last week of 30-minute runs before my overall daily running times start increasing by small increments.

Also, next Wednesday's going to be my strength-training day (i.e., weight-lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). I'm going to start with a moderate amount of reps & weights, & build from there.

After next week, I'm going to need to either use the stopwatch/timer feature on my iPod for my next several runs (to get the most accurate sense of how long I'm running) or make my own perfectly-timed playlists to match my next few workouts (i.e., 32 minutes, 35 minutes, etc., with 5-minute warm-up & cool-down walks, etc.). Since I'm so busy, I think I'll opt for the former course of action.

OK, I'm signing off now. Have a good night!


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