Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1 Running Apparel Tip #5: More Awesome Buys at Target!


Target rocks! Instead of paying for overpriced Nike merchandise at places like Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods, I go to Target for the bulk of my workout wear.

And now, so does Erik. Thanks to me of course! ;-) Yes, I got him into Champion's C9 line of non-cotton workout apparel, & he's loving it as much as me. (For other reviews of C9 by Champion product offerings from Target, see my other posts about non-cotton apparel.)

This past weekend, Erik got several short-sleeve shirts for $10 each and a long-sleeve shirt for $17. He tested out his new running togs this morning & liked the stuff so much that he went back to Target after work today to pick up a few more shirts & jackets! ;-) On his second Target trip, he got a few more short-sleeve shirts & a great half-zip long-sleeve top for $14.

C9 by Champion is just incredible. It's well made, feels great on, & wears well. They've thought of everything: The fabric is virtually seamless (i.e., no chafing!), has great wicking properties, & is made out of high-tech, anti-microbial material. Some items even have SPF protection! Plus, many of the items have hidden or built-in zip pockets & MP3 holders. I mean, how cool is that?! Now, there's a place for house key and your iPod! ;-) (Sure beats the old fashioned open pockets or the shoe-lace tie-up maneuver as makeshift key storage! )

I also have C9 running pants, which I absolutely adore. (They don't appear to sell them online just yet, but they are sold in Target stores.) The only thing that could make them better is a zip pocket, but since my tops usually have a pocket, it usually works out just fine.

I also own the below jacket, also from the C9 by Champion brand, which happens to be one of the most useful items I own. It has Champion's patented "Duo Dry" stretch fabric, which speeds evaporation to help keep you dry & allows for freedom of movement. Also, when it gets cold, you can fold over the cuffs & use them like mittens. This is especially useful if it's colder outside than you originally anticipated! (At first, I was worried I'd look like I'd escaped from a mental ward, but I got over it fast when the temperature starting dropping & my hands got cold. I mean, if it's cold enough outside & you need to keep warm, who really cares what the heck you look like when you're cold! Just ask those hearty souls who live in places like Illinois, Minnesota, or even upstate New York. Brrrr!)

This C9 stuff is just too good to be true, especially for its value. You get high-quality workout apparel for an exceptionally reasonable price. The clothing has similar features to brands like Nike, but at a fraction of the price. Plus, its moderate price-point makes it possible to buy your workout apparel in multiples (i.e., so you have enough workout wear for the week!) & still have change to spare.

I highly recommend C9 by Champion for both men & women. This stuff sells like hotcakes at Target, so if you're thinking about trying/buying, don't wait too long or it won't be there. Apparently, the secret's out about Target's great workout wear!

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Missladybug said...

Sounds like your infectious enthusiasm is rubbing off on Erik! I will have to check out those great items at Target. Nothing like inexpensive, comfortable, flattering and exercise-friendly clothing. Great post.

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