Sunday, October 21, 2007

0 Some Thoughts About Last Week's Runs: Analyzing the Past to Move Forward in the Present


Just realized that last week I ran for a total of 104 minutes, which is ahead of schedule by 2 weeks on my running plan. Now of course I'm going dog-slow, but atleast I'm socking away the mileage.

The last run of this week is going to be a 44 minute-run, which might be a tad bit more challenging, as I'm already pretty tired by the time I cash it in on the last few minutes of my 35-minute runs, but we'll see. Who knows, I might have a hidden store of energy in a reserve compartment I never knew existed. ;-) Sometimes I really surprise myself with what I can pull out when I really need to do so.

Example: On my previous run, I had the extra steam to run faster to catch up to Erik. Yes, I forgot to mention that, even with his 1-minute bathroom break he managed to not only catch up to me, but surpass me. Now I wasn't going to have any of that. Especially as only last week he was barely making it, limping on his sore ankle. (OK, sometimes I'm secretly kind of competitive, but don't tell anyone I said that.)

Of course, the other part of me is openly glad that he's running ahead of me, as I'm not sure how I'd feel if he wasn't doing better than me by a certain point. I will add that I'm several weeks ahead of him, in terms of mileage & training, but if past history is any gauge of things, he'll soon (hopefully) be lapping me.

He told me that he's run sub-6 & sub-7 minute miles in the past, so it's not like he can't do it. Of course, he's not thinking about his pace at this early stage of the re-training process, but regardless, I know he'll improve a lot. He's a decent runner, as well as being very muscular & strong, so it'll be wonderful to watch him kick my running rear all over the place. No, really I mean it. Of course, I'll still try to give him a run for his money, just because that's the way I am. ;-)

OK, I'm now doing cartwheels of joy in my mind, as I contemplate him getting into shape & achieving a higher level of fitness. Yea!

As for my own speed & fitness, I'm going to try to get beyond my former personal bests that I set in track & field & during road-races. I'm not being unrealistic; let me explain:

I once ran a couple 7-something minute miles when I was in much better shape; this was approximately 8+ years ago. Back then I was closer to my ideal weight, but I wasn't exactly as strong as I'd been in college & during the immediate years following college.

So, I think if I get back into weight-training & lose the extra pounds holding me back from achieving faster paces, I might be able to run atleast one of those 7-something minute miles. We'll see. If I could even get past the seven-minute marker just once, even if it took me 3 years to do so, I'd be jumping for joy!

Now, it's one thing for me to run a 7-minute mile once, but I'm honestly not sure how many of those I could do, even with lots of training. I don't want to say an outright "No, I can't do that," because I don't like to set limits before I even try. I'm hoping that my marathon-training will take me to new heights, & help me crack past some of these formerly impossible-seeming barriers.

My former long-distance road race times are nothing to crow about, so that marker will be much easier to surpass. ;-)

Frankly, I know I'm not very fast as a long-distance runner, (especially if you were to compare me on a national/international scale), but you better believe I have great power & speed in the shorter distances! 8-) I'm not saying that I could qualify for the Olympics or anything (hahahahaha!), but I do, or atleast did, have some incredible speed back when I ran the shorter distances in track & field.

OK, enough crowing about the past. Time to get to work & ultimately prove it to myself in the near-future.

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