Friday, October 19, 2007

0 Weigh-In: Veni, Vidi, Vici: Looking For Vindication Beyond Numbers On The Scale


Veni, vidi, vici. (For those of you who need a translation: I came, I saw, I kicked ass!)

Yesssssss, finally! Despite some initial fallout over the last few days, I've regained my belief in eating "normally" again. [For those of you who are just tuning in & might be potentially confused by what I mean, let me explain: Over the past few weeks, I'd lost my appetite via running & was afraid that the more recent return of my appetite would slow down, altogether stop, or gradually reverse (some of) the fantastic weight loss progress I'd made thus far. With the return of my appetite, I did initially gain 0.6 lbs. two days ago, but thankfully, after last night's run, lost this weight & then some, all the while continuing to eat regular meals.]

So, how did this amazing mental transformation happen, you might ask? Well, the proof is in the pudding, er, on the scale, I mean. ;-) The scale shows a drop of 1.2 pounds, so not only did I lose the 0.6 pounds that I gained two days ago, but I've also lost an additional 0.6 pounds to boot! Yea! Yea! Yea!!!!!!! That's enough to make me a believer again.

The only thing slightly concerning me is my scale's body fat readout, which showed a 1.5% gain. I'm not sure how accurate the reading is, but I'll measure it again in a few days to see......

Anyhow, I'm not going to let a little body fat percentage increase ruin my day. ;-) I think it's best to measure numbers over a longer period of time, so I'll just chalk this one up to too much whey protein powder in yesterday's mango smoothie. LOL.

Over the past 9 days, I've had little ups & downs on the scale, & am trying not to let my mood go up & down right along with them! Now, that's certainly a key accomplishment, eh?!!!!

But seriously, it's important not to get bogged down in the day-to-day (or in my case, every-other-day) readouts, but to focus instead on the overall trend. And thankfully, that trend has me moving in a slimmer direction. Right now, I'm 0.6 lbs. thinner than I was 6 days ago. So, although the weight loss progress has slowed a bit over the past week (i.e., only 0.6 lbs. lost), I'm just happy that the pounds are continuing to drop off, however gradually. Right now, I've lost of a total of 16.8 pounds, with 13.2 more to go!

Through a bit of trial & error, I think I'm finally going to get this eating thing back to normal & still lose fat.

It feels really good to be eating regularly again. Now, the next step is to figure out how to get to the next level of fitness & nutrition.

I keep reminding myself that every pound lost equals a faster running pace (approximately 2 seconds per mile faster), which is certainly motivation. And also, every pound of muscle I build will help to burn fat. So I better get into the gym & start lifting, eh?!

Oh yes, I still have yet to get into the gym & lift (for the first time in a long time!). I almost forgot to mention that insignificant detail. ;-)

Out of pure shame & embarrassment over my extreme procrastination in this area, I'm going to now drop to the floor & do 10 pushups. And then 50 sit-ups. So, I'll check in with you shortly to report on my progress.


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