Friday, October 12, 2007

0 Weigh-In: Yea! My Body Fat Percentage is Getting Smaller!


I am completely worn out after yesterday's series of workouts. Slept a bit longer than normal too, as my body apparently needed it to recover.

This morning, I once again hopped on the scale to see the results. This time, I did something different: I started to pay more attention to the body fat percentage readout than the number on the scale. And, I've started recording this information too, along with my weight.

Maybe that's because I gained 0.2 pounds, & needed something to cheer me up. ;-) No seriously, I'm just kidding about that. Slight weight fluctations are normal, and this one was particularly negligible.

But anyhow, back to today's body fat percentage readout. While I still won't disclose the exact numbers, I will say that, as compared to my last reading 6 days ago (on 10/6/07), I have lost 1.8% body fat. Yea!!!!!!!

This of course is the most important number to watch, so while I'll still be tracking weight for my own edification, I'm not going to pay it as much mind as the body fat percentage reading. So, any people reading this who think I'm obsessing about my weight can chew on that for a while instead. ;-) Well, to be honest, I really don't care what people think about it, but atleast I know I'm doing the logical, common-sense thing by paying attention to the numbers that matter. 8-)

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