Wednesday, November 7, 2007

4 1.6 Pounds Lost: Finally, The Numbers on The Scale Are Moving Downward Again!


I'm sure some of you might be wondering why I haven't posted any weight loss/gain reports in quite a while (i.e., over the past 2 1/2 weeks). Well, the reason is that, until now, there's been, frankly, nothing of note to report.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I decided to take a hiatus from weighing myself for a while, that is, until last Thursday, when I could no longer take the prolonged suspense & weighed myself (while on vacation, no less!) after doing a strength workout in the hotel fitness center. And as the universe & the karmic cosmos at large always seem to have a perpetually funny sense of humor, my intense curiosity was justly rewarded with a most fitting & proper irony of ironies: No new weight-loss results! Hahahaha! So it'd been just the same as if I hadn't weighed myself at all.

In fact, I was just saying to my running buddy last night that I hadn't lost any weight (nor thankfully gained any either!) over the last two & a half weeks, despite my intensified running efforts during this same period. ;-)

And then this morning, as if by magic (or perhaps the weight loss g-ds been listening?!), I hopped on the scale & saw I'd lost 1.4 pounds, after 2 1/2 weeks of intensified training, which until now, had yielded no noticeable weight-loss results. Perhaps last night's faster run was the final tipping point, or perhaps the weight loss g-ds had decided to smile upon me & grant me my wish in reward for my due diligence, but at any rate, my karmic universe now appears to be on a course correction. ;-)

In case you were curious, I also took a body fat reading, which yielded a body fat decrease of 0.9%.

In an attempt to yield the old adage "a watched pot never boils," I've also wisely decided to continue the pattern of weighing myself only once every two weeks. This appears to be a good length of time to yield results (without being too obsessive about it!), so it makes sense to continue this practice until it no longer applies to my current situation.

Also, since I seem to be plateauing somewhat in the weight-loss department, I think I'm going to continue the shorter, faster runs to help "shock my body" out of its routine & send it back onto the path of weight/body-fat loss. (Only a few minutes ago, I just a read a good article on this very same subject.)

I definitely need the speed workouts to help get my pace to where it "should" be. Speaking of which, I contacted the property manager of the lake where I ran last night, who said that one lap equals approximately 1 mile. If that's accurate, then I just ran 8.5-minute miles. Wow. Somehow, I find that hard to believe, especially after my previously recorded 11+ minute paces (thanks to Erik & his GPS). But if it's true, I'd certainly be excited to exceed all previous expectations.

Wow, this week's weight-loss & increased speed are doubly good results. So "Yea" and "Yea!" on both counts.


Tallying up today's weight loss with previous figures, that makes a total weight loss so far of 18.4 pounds (since 7/21/07), with just 11.6 pounds to go!

Since I haven't been measuring my body-fat percentage decrease from the same starting date, I can only tell you that I've lost a total of 1.2% since 10/8/07. I know, doesn't seem like much, nor do the readings seem to be very accurate. Oh well, as long as I can see an overall difference in my clothes & the numbers are generally headed in the downward direction, who really cares about the apparent inaccuracies, eh!?! I can always hop in one of those body-immersion tanks to measure body-fat, if I'm really all that curious. However, I think I'd rather wait until I lose all the weight first before I do that! ;-)


Abimars said...

Well done Corey, I just committed to weighing myself weekly as against shying away from the scale. Keep up the good work

Miss Ladybug said...

Excellent! Great post and inspiring to see not only your progress, but your continued upbeat, motivating attitude.

Christopher said...

I have to agree with the comment above, your attitude is excellent. Losing weight without losing focus is difficult, and if you maintain focus, it's hard not to lose the fun and joyful side. It seems that you're doing a smash up job being regimented about diet and exercise without losing the smiles. :c)


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, everybody, for your wonderful, supportive comments!

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